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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards

Medallion Signature Cocktail Series

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Every year, Delta Air Lines sends its most elite flyers a direct mail piece containing their Diamond, Platinum, Gold or Silver Medallion credentials. As part of the 2014 "Badge of Honor" package, we created and introduced a Medallion Signature Cocktail for each level: four custom drinks in honor of our Medallion members and available to all on board.

We wanted to toast our Medallion members in public forum, and let them know just how excited we are about their achievement. After flying a minimum of 25,000 miles to upwards of 125,000 miles, they certainly deserve a drink!

We created a series of Vine videos, featuring each of the Signature Cocktails as the celebrated hero representing our Medallion member. Directed by top Viner Jethro Ames, these videos were fun, unexpected content from Delta, and gave the halo effect that Delta does cool things in honor of their most valued flyers.

The videos:

The Silver Horizon – Watch "fireworks" made of bar straws and swizzle sticks.

The Gold Status Symbol – Walk the red carpet with Jack Daniels paparazzi.

The Platinum Takeoff – Take a pinball adventure with popping cranberries.

The Blue Diamond – Have a drink "on the rocks."

The videos earned nearly 226,000 loops and are among the most highly viewed content in Delta's social history.

Strategy and Execution

It may sound simple to create 4 new drink offerings out of ingredients already on an airplane bar cart then implement them on thousands of Delta flights worldwide, but…it wasn't.

Our Medallion members are worth going the extra mile for, though, and agency and client spent months developing drinks, working with Delta's beverage vendors and in-flight operations, messaging to Flight Attendants who would be making the drinks, and promoting them via Delta SkyClub launch parties and other collateral.

In creating the videos, we let the drinks stand in for the Medallion members they represent. We tied the concepts of the videos to the drink names, to reinforce them, and tagged our partner spirit brands so they could share as well. Finally, we launched all 4 videos in a series across Vine and Twitter (and extended versions on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) over the course of an afternoon to maximize their impact and keep our social followers wanting more.

Feedback was great; some notable comments:

carissamarie86: What a great campaign in both the rewarding members sense and social media wise!

jeffinftlfl: I'll order one on my next flight!

And, if you're curious, ou can view the case study for the complete 2014 Badge of Honor campaign here:


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