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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards

Building Faith In Our Community

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To help build some faith within the community and showcase how paramount the community is to their business and their core values, Paramount Builders decided to help local charities in the area. The contest asked fans and customers to vote for the local charity that they would like to win a donation from Paramount. Customers read summaries of each charity: the Wounded Warrior Project, CHKD - a local Children's Hospital, Hope Charitable Services, NAMI, and Wish-a-Fish Foundation.

They were prompted to enter their email address to vote for which organization they wanted to win. Paramount Builders mission statement includes providing support to the local community. As a remodeling company, they believe that they can help build not only home, but also help build up the community through charity work. All charities received a donation, with the first place winner winning the highest amount (all prize amounts were provided when voting).

The contest lived on their Facebook page and was promoted via social to encourage users to vote and share. The objective of the contest was to help create awareness of the services that Paramount offers while also help support local charities and help a good cause.

Strategy and Execution

When it comes to a building company, it may seem like their main purpose is to construct, build, or create homes. However, Paramount Builder's has a very distinct and different mission, to help improve the community one home at a time. To help support their goal of improving the community – Paramount Builders teamed up with Customer Magnetism to create a unique contest. The goal of the contest was to showcase Paramount's dedication to supporting local charities and the community. With the help of Customer Magnetism, Paramount Builders created a Facebook contest in which fans could vote for their favorite charity to win a donation. There was a list of 5 charities, and fans could enter their email address to vote after "liking" the Paramount Builder's Facebook page. First place won $2,500, second place won $1,000 and the rest each won $500. The contest was promoted via social with promoted and regular posts on their Facebook page -

The objective of the contest was not only to help support the local community but to help generate awareness of who Paramount Builders is as a company and showcase their services. By helping to build their fan base, Paramount Builders is able to reach a broader audience and provide insight into their offerings, and help build a better community both online and offline.

The contest had a budget of $400 to help with promotion (including boosting Facebook posts and Facebook ads). It ran for a total of 3 weeks throughout the month of November and was able to garner over 780 entries, a total of 201 shares and 525 new Facebook page likes.

What makes this contest different from other contests is the fact that it is benefitting others in the community. Paramount Builders wanted to show their commitment to improving the community and give their fans a chance to interact and help without having to donate. Rather than focusing on promoting their own brand and services, Paramount Builders thought of the greater-community and found a unique way of engaging their fans to help make the decision. It is much more than just "liking" a page – this actually gave their fans a voice and all charities benefitted.

It's unique to see a company choose to recognize local charities and make "building the faith" in the community the centrepiece of a contest. The metrics show that they were successful in growing their online community, but at the end of the contest – the real success was the fact that they were able to help out 5 different local charities.


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Customer Magnetism for Paramount Builders


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