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What You're Eating

Finalist in Podcast


Whether it’s a salad, a hamburger or your morning egg sandwich, the way your meal gets made has an impact. What You’re Eating is here to help you understand how your food gets to your plate, and see the full impact of the food we eat on animals, planet and people. Host Jerusha Klemperer is the Director of, a website that uncovers the problems with the industrial food system, and offers examples of more sustainable practices, as well as practical advice for how you can help support a better system, through the food that you buy and the system changes you push for. From practical conversations with farmers about the true cost of raising chickens to discussions with policy experts on the barriers to sustainability, to tips from chefs about how to reduce kitchen waste, FoodPrint’s new podcast covers everything from the why to the how. 

Strategy and Execution

Information about food tends to come in one of two ways: how to cook and enjoy something delicious or an explanation of the complicated and often unsavory ways our food is produced. FoodPrint — and its new podcast — combines these two approaches, connecting the story behind our food to the food we need to prepare three times a day in order to feed ourselves. We help people understand how to shop, cook and eat more sustainably, while also making clear that we won’t be able to shop, cook and eat our way out of our deeply flawed, industrial food system. 

Season one of the podcast was well received by academic circles, the general public, and got the attention of food media. We launched with a trailer video, and 8 subsequent episodes that feature policy experts, chefs, farmers, writers, and more to share in depth conversations on one topic of interest per episode. By doing a deep dive into specific issues for each episode we were able to connect with the stories behind our food from a range of perspectives while leaving listerners with helpful tips about how to shop, cook, and eat. 

In addition to finding What You're Eating wherever you get your podcasts, we implemented a robust social media engagement strategy to help boost visibility and engagement. 



Season 1 of What You're Eating was downloaded by nearly 20,000 listeners, and was highlighted across influential food media including Whetstone Magazine/Radio Collective, Alicia Kennedy's weekly newsletter, Real Food Media, and more. The podcast content including interview excerpts, graphics, and links to guests reached hundreds of thousands of new listeners across all social channels. 

Our goal was to reach at least 10,000 downloads for season 1, and we succeeded far beyond that goal. 



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