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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

"Watch Us Rise" AAPI Panel

Entered in Entertainment, Racial Equality


As part of a continuing series of videos meant to champion ongoing efforts for racial equality in all places, Paramount+ brings us to the homes of several incredibly skilled performers that are part of the Asian and Pacific Islander community. Julie Chen Moonves welcomes viewers to a roundtable of talent that includes Star Trek’s George Takei and Isa Briones, as well as Halo The Series’ Yerin Ha. They share their tales of entering the entertainment industry at different points in history, the diversity challenges that they faced, and the harrowing experience of combating racism and bigotry. As these performers detail their life, struggles, triumphs and hardships, the viewer is invited to share in the continuing celebration of all peoples, everywhere.

Strategy and Execution

Paramount+ is proud of how its efforts to provide platforms for the AAPI community have grown every day and through numerous challenges, and the company has continued to grow with that community. With the understanding that growth and progress cannot exist without diversity and inclusion, the brand persists in its reevaluation of the relationship between its content and its demographics. Bigotry and racism are constant struggles for many AAPI performers, and inequality is a current and present problem in need of continual engagement to combat. Paramount+ works with a stable of well-loved and respected AAPI performers to reach out to marginalized groups through physical and digital events, as well as spotlighting representation and building a strong communal foundation for those who seek racial equality.


Paramount+'s cooperative efforts with many iconic faces in the AAPI community has created significant buzz on social media and behind the scenes, with cast, crew, and fans all speaking with praise for the inclusive outreach of the brand during events and in their productions. Year after year, events like Star Trek Day celebrating the limelighting of marginalized groups, and professing progressive ideals have been met with incredible positive reaction from people everywhere, especially among the youth. Social engagement with posts promoting racial equality display great resonance with multiple fan bases and evoke a sense of community and belonging among viewers, something most welcome during times of isolation as the world has seen in recent years. Between PSA-like short videos, interviews, TikToks, and roundtables, the sense of connection between AAPI representatives and the Paramount+ viewership has never been stronger.


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