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Unstoppable Women of Web3 Decentraland Metaverse Headquarters

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Of all the top web3/crypto companies you can think of, less than a handful are led by women. Sandy Carter, SVP at Unstoppable Domains, alongside trusted partners and allies founded Unstoppable Women of Web3. The group's mission is to actively build an equal, democratized, and decentralized future. The organization was looking to build a web3-based entry point for education, networking, and participation for all.


The group of female leaders had been hard at work the past few months, with partnerships with over 100 Web2 and Web3 companies, saw the metaverse as a level playing field where everyone is represented equally.

Decentraland, one of UnstoppableWoW3's partners offered a plot of land in their Crypto Valley neighborhood. This became a clear opportunity to descend upon the metaverse in style with a headquarters in Decentraland to be announced at Consensus 2022. Designed to be a haven and gathering place for all interested in the blockchain industry and looking to learn and connect.

We focused on designing a space that provided easy access to live streaming and events within the metaverse. The end result is a stunning multi-level educational space to provide the organization and their partners a place to congregate, educate, and onboard. 



The metaverse headquarters was announced during Consensus 2022, an annual conference that celebrates community, builders, and innovators. This year, over 17,000 people attended to discuss crypto regulations, Web3 development, and the future of blockchain technology. The new HQ is just the latest example of creating impact with design and technology by working together to create something valuable and unique. As the Unstoppable Women of Web3 continue to make their presence known, there is no doubt that they will continue to be a force for good.

With a strong inclusive and educational focus of Unstoppable Women of Web3 doesn't stop at the metaverse – they are also working on providing resources and training to develop the next generation of talent in the industry. Unstoppable WoW3 believes that education is a vital part of diversity and inclusion, as it allows people from all walks of life to have an equal opportunity to succeed.


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