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Unmask Your Smile

Entered in Technology



The new Sonicare Prestige 9900 deserved an exceptional launch on social to rival the market leader. Oral care ads are formulaic and push perfection. Pearly whites are one more thing to feel insecure about. 


We wanted to land a human connection with our audience. They want reality. They want to see a legitimate story from a person with an honest take.


Philips showed true vision in seeing beyond the category or product and peering deeper into their audience to find out what makes them smile.

We brought a product to life in the culture, not the category.

Strategy and Execution


Our audience (25+ adults) wasn’t going to stop scrolling for another typical toothbrush ad. So we weren’t going to recreate one for the small screen. The Sonicare Prestige 9900 reaches deeper and that’s what we needed to do too. Philips was bold enough to put a diverse group of creators in the message - people you wouldn’t normally see in toothbrush commercials. They would reveal their personal reasons to smile and evoke our audience to explore their own.



Unmask Your Smile.

We curated four diverse creators who emanated positivity despite societal pressures to conform to traditional beauty ideals. We showcased a non-binary identity activist, a body positivity pioneer, an acne proud ‘skinfluencer’, and a mental health and self-love protestor. They told us what makes them smile and it was definitely contagious…




We drove awareness and engagement for the launch of the premium Sonicare Prestige 9900 amongst an audience that’s notoriously hard to reach and quick to mock inauthentic content.

12.3 million People reached

14 million Impressions

3,800 Click throughs

817,000 Engagements




@squishemall I have acne on my chin so smiling used to make me conscious but seeing stuff like this makes me feel better! Go queen!

@charlotte_moyle This is so empowering ❤

@dudulewami Love this so much! Loved watching you smile, radiating so much positive energy!

@doveboo?72 Girl yes ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ never wanted to buy a toothbrush so bad



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Whalar, Philips UK


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