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Special Project

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Unif Health Wallet Digital Community

Entered in User Generated Content


The COVID-19 situation had caused anxiety and fear among Thais. While waiting for vaccines, they tried with all their might to stay healthy and protected themselves from the disease. Unif, Thailand’s leading fruit and vegetable juice manufacturer, would like to communicate about natural superfoods, 5-color fruits, and vegetables, that can help to boost the immunity system.  To communicate with audiences especially the young generation, Unif Health Wallet website was created with the concept, "Collect health is as important as collecting wealth."  The website also contained many healthy tips and campaigns from heath KOLs and UGC. 



In order to attract the young generation to health and immunity topics.  This Healthy hub is framed by the topic of their interest which are  “Cryptocurrency”.  As in recent years, the young generation was prone to invest in the stock market and digital currency and aimed for overnight success. We encourage them to invest in health which is as important as wealth. Unif Health Wallet is the first UGC health website in which user can open their health account. The more they engage with the content on the website, such as reading articles, watching videos from Health Guru, commenting, or their posting health stories, the more they earn U coins.  U coins can then be used to redeem for special health-related rewards from Unif. 


Unif Health Wallet consists of the following key parts: 



Online Influencers (KOLs)  

To create content in both KOL own channel and Unif website about the importance of receiving 400g of nutrients from 5 colors of vegetables and fruits per day and draw users to the website   



UGC Activities  

To encourage members to share their experiences on the website following with activity topics which are promoted through social ads, Line application broadcast, and onsite banner. 




Health Wallet Portfolio  

The more users engage with the website, the more health points they earn to redeem health related rewards and Unif product trial 



Unif Products  

All information about all Unif products, including promotions. and links to online marketplaces 



Use of Social Media & Influencer (KOL) 

To drive the success of the first-time health UGC digital community in the market, Unif invited 4 tiers of influencers which are Celebrity, Power Influencer, Peer Influencer, and Micro Influencer to spread the message from Unif to consumers. 



Since the website launched in August 2021, Unif Health Wallet community has been growing rapidly. There were over 1,340,000 page views, more than 80 millions U-points were collected, and 5,913 content was generated by users on the website.  Unif Health Wallet continued to be a hub of great health knowledges to be shared among young generation. At last, Unif successfully communicated a key message “the importance of 5 color fruit and vegetable daily consumption” to improve health and well-being. 


Entrant Company / Organization Name

Mirum (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Head Office), Uni-President (Thailand) Ltd.