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The Truth Is

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The mission of In The Know: The Truth Is is to create a roundtable series hosted by Chella Man and Aaron Rose Philip, where they dive into pressing issues in the queer community that have long been overlooked. Issues covered and discussed with expert hosts include gender dysphoria, coming out as trans, intersectionality and dating as a trans person. Our goals were not driven by views but by how the audience received the episodes, and the impact the subject matter and candid discussions have on our viewers.


We developed this series with the intent to create a long-form roundtable discussion where Chella and Aaron, both role models for young people across various identities, could have real, honest conversations with expert guests about issues important to the trans community. After we developed the episodes, we created a set that was visually attractive, but simple and evocative of the subject matter. We also added “man on the street” interviews so we could include quotes and opinions from our audience directly. 


The series created a social impact based on views across our on and off platforms. The hosts and talent also shared the episodes and the receival, as evident in the comments section, is really great. 

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Beck Media/Marketing, Yahoo In The Know


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