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The Bid podcast by BlackRock

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The Bid podcast by BlackRock breaks down what’s happening in the markets and explores the forces that are changing investing. The Bid aims to help listeners learn more about developments in the markets through storytelling from thought leaders in and outside of BlackRock.

In our mini-series, “The real leaders of net zero”, we're talking with the companies and business leaders at the forefront of the transition to net zero. New technologies are emerging – around energy, agriculture, fashion and more – to help the transition to a lower-carbon economy. In this series we explore how innovation propels the fight against climate change.


The shift to a net-zero world contemplates a massive transformation of our economy, of our businesses, of how people buy and sell and make and move things. To help our audience gain a better understanding of the role companies play in this net zero transition, we identified 10 companies that we are partnering with that are leaders in this transition, including Volvo, Maersk, Dow, Enel and Occidental. In each episode, we ask these CEOs to dig into the actions that the companies are implementing, the technology and innovation driving their plans, the financial impact and how they can provide a just and fair transition for their employees and their businesses. At the end of every episode, we ask each leader – What do you think is the single most important thing that needs to happen to get the world to net zero? It is through the answers to these questions that we hope the audience understands that advancing innovative solutions to fight climate change is part of the journey toward a net zero future.


The Net Zero series has earned 43K downloads as of July 31st, across the five episodes in the mini series.

The success of the Net Zero series has aided the overall success of the series. According to Listen Notes, The Bid podcast ranks in the top 1% globally!




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