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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Impact Awards


Winner in LGBTQ+

Silver Honor in TikTok


In 72 countries LGBTQIA+ people are discriminated against by law. In six of countries, homosexuality is a crime punishable by death.

NGO FELGTB is a 25-year-old Spanish movement, that brings together 55+ LGBTQIA+ entities from across the Spanish territories, to fight for LGBTQIA+ rights.

FELGTB won’t rest until legal equality and social respect for the LGBTQIA+ community is achieved everywhere.


Due to pandemic lockdowns, FELGTB couldn’t manifest as before. They asked us to help them show up for Pride from home.



How do you highlight the plight of people living in these countries when identifying them could lead to their persecution? 

Strategy and Execution


Introducing the most important lip sync of all time: #RealVoicesofPride.

We collected oppressed voices from around the world and invited TikTok users to share those voices through their own profiles, lip-syncing to bring them to life.

Enabling the oppressed to speak their truth through the mouths of others made it safe for them to share their real voices for the first time and allowed a worldwide community to stand in solidarity with them. Because pride should never be silenced. 


Pride Month is a symbolic event that honours the historical Stonewall riots; a pivotal moment in LGBTQIA+ history. This was the key moment to leverage for campaign impact.

Using the Lip-sync function on TikTok, we entered a worldwide virtual space where LGBTQIA+ people from oppressed countries could parade freely and proudly express themselves, without danger of persecution.

This also provided us a huge audience to spread awareness and understanding of the rights violations and lack of freedoms in some countries.


We identified real stories by contacting LGBTQIA+ collective advocacy institutions around the world. From there, we compiled the stories in audio and uploaded them on the FELGTB profile on TikTok.

Through a simple button on the TikTok interface, anyone can use the audio from a video to create a new one, allowing people to Lip-Sync on the platform.

Each influencer selected one of our voices and created a video doing Lip-Sync, their videos quickly got a big audience, the algorithm started to suggest it to more people, people started making their own videos... and that's how a huge chain was formed.

The campaign ran for one month but is still alive organically.


TikTok Results:


Picked up in 37 countries

70M+ media impressions in earned media 

Top coverage accross relevant outlets, including 3 national public TVs (TVE, TeleCinco, LaSexta news dailies), news agencies such as Europa Press, general online newspapers such as 20 Minutos, LGTBI community magazines such as Shangay 

International campaign recognition in trade press, including Ad Age.


Video for #RealVoicesofPride

Entrant Company / Organization Name

Daniel J Edelman Ltd, FELGTB


Entry Credits