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Rare Impact by Rare Beauty - Mental Health Awareness Month 2022

Audience Honor in Corporate Social Responsibility


The Rare Impact Fund is part of Rare Beauty’s commitment to give people access to the resources they need to support their mental health. Rare Beauty donates 1% of all sales to the Rare Impact Fund and raises additional funds with philanthropic foundations, corporate partners, and individuals in our community to increase access to mental health services in educational settings. For Mental Health Awareness Month, we utilized our platform to share resources, highlight expert insights, and bring awareness to the power of your words. The Rare Impact Fund aims to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and provide young people with access to the resources they need to support their mental health. Over the next ten years, the Rare Impact Fund will raise $100M in funds to support organizations focused on strengthening mental health services and education for young people. We will mobilize a community of millions to raise awareness to destigmatize mental health, develop resources and anchor services that directly impact the lives of young people, and increase access to services in educational settings. The Rare Impact Fund combines support for leading nonprofit organizations with an investment in holistic partnerships. We facilitate cross-sector collaboration among partners and the community to make a significant impact in the mental health space. 

Strategy and Execution

For Mental Health Awareness Month, Rare Impact, in partnership with Mental Health First Aid, a course that trains people to recognize signs of mental illness and substance abuse and develop skills to help someone who is developing a mental illness or is in crisis, launched our educational campaign, Your Words Matter focusing on the power of our words and word choice. We activated our Rare Beauty Mental Health Council, Influencers, and grantees while sharing a Social Media toolkit with resources. The campaign aimed to inspire and offer guidance on how to share and how to respond when talking about mental health. Rare Beauty’s platform was used to share resources, showcase expert insights, and bring awareness to the power and influence of your words. Additionally, Rare Impact launched our first exclusive, limited-edition “Your Words Matter” Crewneck Sweatshirt, designed to remind you on the daily that your words do, in fact, matter. 100% of net proceeds of this crewneck went to support the Rare Impact Fund to expand mental health services for young people.  

Rare Impact held our first-ever Rare Impact Virtual Mental Health Event free to attend for our entire Rare community. With a welcome message from our founder, the event also served as an introduction of our Your Words Matter educational campaign and enlisted some of the top influential voices in mental health and education from our Rare Beauty Mental Health Council, community mental health leaders, and A-list speakers such as NYT Best-Selling Author, Jay Shetty, Editor-In-Chief of Allure, Jessica Cruel, and Mental Health Advocate and Content Creator Whitney Simmons. The event emphasized the importance of effectively communicating about mental health, especially when it comes to younger generations, as the words we use can unintentionally increase the stigma associated with mental health, which can prevent people from seeking and receiving the help they need. The event supported overall efforts of the Your Words Matter Campaign to raise awareness and encourage the implementation of this practice to create a culture that is mindful and sensitive to mental health topics and a world where mental health is treated just like any other physical condition.  

The Rare Impact Fund, MTV, and the White House Biden Administration joined forces for the first-ever Mental Health Youth Action Forum on May 18, 2022 bringing together officials, mental health experts, young leaders and advocates, and non-profit organizations to drive culture from awareness to action on mental health and shape positive conversations about self-acceptance and mental well-being. The Forum came from a long-standing and mutual commitment to young people, mental health, and education shared by all partners involved. Rare Beauty’s Rare Impact Fund brings a holistic approach to advocacy and grantmaking, and very much believes mental health awareness must include government officials who can help enact real change.  


Your Words Matter Educational Campaign resulted in 25,329 users and counting visiting our Your Words Matter educational mental health blogs. Instagram In-Feed content reached 21,297 total engagements, 2,171 shares, and an overall reach of 215,604. Our Campaign Kick-Off story on Instagram had a total reach of 166,511 and 159,725 total impressions. On TikTok, our campaign kickoff had 27,900 views and reached an audience of 19,890. Concurrently, the exclusive Your Words Matter Crewneck Product Launch saw the sale of 1,752 Units, contributing $11,379.24 to the Rare Impact Fund. On Instagram, the launch post had an overall reach of 11,274,430, with 15,628 shares, 13,217 comments, and 15,961 saves, making it the most saved content in the last year. On TikTok, the teaser for the limited-edition crewneck reached an audience of 77,815 and 93,600 views. Moreover, the Rare Impact Virtual Mental Health Event saw 852 registrations, 300 live attendees, and over 80k views on the Rare Beauty YouTube channel.  

The White House Mental Health Youth Action Forum in partnership with MTV and the Biden Administration included 30 youth mental health advocates across the U.S. and 5 participating brands all sharing a collective commitment to young people, mental health, and education. Through this partnership, the Rare Impact Fund raised $500,000 and was named in numerous articles by some of the biggest news publications, including Rolling Stone, Forbes, People, USA Today, Billboard, and more.


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