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From the 7th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

PopSockets Plant Positive Initiative

Finalist in Environment


The covid crisis and immediate impacts of inflation now facing families across the globe make it more important than ever to ensure that healthy, accessible food makes it into the hands of those in need, while supporting a transition to a more sustainable and plant-based future.

PopSockets’ Plant Positive initiative is a cross-industry endeavor that celebrates the power of plants both by integrating plant-based materials into our products and by using increased access to plant-based foods to encourage healthier lives, lifestyles, and ecosystems.

For every sale of a PlantCore Grip, a series of plant-based phone grips and the company’s first expansion into a plant-based future which launched in 2021, we donate $2 to Partnership for a Healthier America’s (PHA) ‘Good Food for All’ program. Each donation will provide 5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables to families facing food insecurity across the country.

In addition to donations to PHA, the Plant Positive initiative is making it easier than ever for PopSockets customers to embrace a more plant-based lifestyle. Each PlantCore Grip purchased provides access to exclusive coupons to try plant-powered products from brand partners like Back to the Roots mushroom grow kits, Beyond Meat products, GTFO it’s Vegan’s online marketplace, Hungry Planet, and Wild Earth pet foods.

Strategy and Execution

The Plant Positive initiative is unique in its impact on creating a more sustainable future by linking improvements to the direct environmental impact of our own products, working to alleviate the immediate food equity issues that have only been worsened by recent global events, and encouraging PopSockets customers to adopt incremental steps towards lifestyles that have equally positive outcomes for both themselves and the planet.

The launch of the PlantCore Grip and the foundation it laid for integrating plant-based materials across a range of our product offerings was a challenging undertaking. PopSockets explored a number of potential solutions, including a fully compostable option, on the path to a more sustainable PopGrip, and we faced new complications with the development of the PlantCore Grip Custom offering. Maintaining the highest possible printing standards while tasking our design and development teams to work with materials completely new to the supply chain was challenging but resulted in a product that is increasing the visibility of our sustainability efforts, allowing us to encourage new audiences to engage with plant-based lifestyles and making a positive impact on the planet using plant-based materials.

Plant-based lifestyles are good for both people and the planet. In addition to providing fresh produce to communities in need in partnership with PHA, plant-based diets are one of the easiest and most significant ways to reduce individual impact on the environment. Agricultural systems are one of the leading contributors not only to greenhouse gas emissions but deforestation, water pollution, and biodiversity loss around the globe. Increasing the percentage of plant-based food in the average diet decreases environmental impacts while providing health benefits like lower rates of cancer, inflammation, and heart disease. Our partnership with PHA addresses this need not only through the one-time donation associated with the purchase of a PlantCore Grip, but through our other partnerships with key plant-based brands.

For more information on PopSockets PlantCore material, please click here and for more information on PopSockets’ The Future is Plant-Based initiative, please click here.


The Plant Positive initiative far outstripped our original donation goal of 150,000 servings, and growth has been so significant that we have expanded our goal to 1,000,000 servings, in addition to expanding into international markets. The initiative showed us that these important topics and call to action resonated with customers.

The launch of PlantCore Grip and the Plant Positive initiative is one of the many things PopSockets is doing to push for a sustainable, plant-based future. By the end of 2022, more of our product offerings with be made with plant-based ingredients and have employee programs educate and encourage taking the small, everyday steps towards healthier, more sustainable food habits. The success of the Plant Positive initiative to date is an example of how collective small actions can help make a significant impact in the immediate lives of families and in addressing the need for environmental stewardship far into the future.


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5WPR, PopSockets