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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

Orbitz “Travel As You Are”

Finalist in LGBTQ+

Gold Honor in Hospitality & Travel

Silver Honor in Long Form Video

Audience Honor in Hospitality & Travel, Video


The cause we set out to support was LGBTQIA+ inclusion in travel. As a travel brand with a 20-year relationship with the LGBTQI+ community, Orbitz saw an opportunity to double down on its commitment to underserved travelers and create meaningful change during a time of one of the biggest revivals the travel industry has seen. Through an exhaustive study conducted during the project’s strategy phase, we unearthed a set of powerful consumer insights that informed our three main goals:

Strategy and Execution

For generations, people within the LGBTQIA+ community have faced judgement and discrimination when traveling. Many countries and communities around the world still aren’t accepting of LGBTQIA+ people, making the travel experience feel unsafe, uncomfortable and unappealing. 

In April 2021, we launched “Travel As You Are”: a campaign, message and set of actions that encouraged people to travel on their own terms – not the ones society created for them. The campaign was built from the ground up on channels and platforms where our audience spend their time: TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. 

Directed by legendary photographer/director Cass Bird, we reimagined Lesley Gore's classic “You Don’t Own Me.” We re-recorded the song with R&B singer/songwriter Serpentwithfeet, making him the first major Black LGBTQIA+ artist to reproduce the iconic song. Every aspect of the campaign was thoughtfully executed to ensure accurate representation of our audience, both in front of the camera and behind it. 

Our inclusion of LGBTQIA+ people went beyond marketing. We implemented features on the website that allowed people to travel more safely, including an LGBTQIA+ search filter, non-binary booking and safety scores for destinations powered by the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association. 

We didn't just ask the LGBTQIA+ community to travel as they are; we took action to help them actually do it.




To make the travel experience more safe and comfortable for LGBTQIA+ travelers, we drove real conversation amongst the community and travel industry at large. Not only did we increase organic social engagement by 551%, the overall sentiment across platforms was an unbelievable 100% positive. 

To celebrate individuality and self expression, we partnered with real LGBTQI+ travelers and creatives to execute every facet of the campaign from in front of the camera to behind it with director, crew and cast.

To cut through the noise of traditional travel marketing, we created a sense of accountability and credibility resulting in a 572% increase in site visits and widespread press coverage including features by Billboard, Variety, Out Magazine, Adweek, The Drum, Campaign US and more.



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