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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

Leyendas by GMC Sierra

Entered in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


My Code’s entity H Code reaches, informs and connects with Hispanic audiences and strives to engage this consumer segment through data and authentic creative and content. GMC Truck reached out to us to create a targeted, truly inspirational campaign showcasing authentic talent that reflected on the importance of culture.

Strategy and Execution


H Code dove into the lives of prominent and inspiring Latino men who shared their stories of success in this campaign, with the vehicle featured as part of the fabric of their lives. The talent took us through what a day in their life looks like through a spoken-word voiceover. They talked about family, career, and giving back to the community, all while driving and using the GMC Sierra Denali and GMC Canyon AT4. Through their powerful and impactful spoken words, they captured what being a strong male figure means to them and in our Hispanic community. H Code showed creative custom content, including 60-second Instagram videos, 2-minute Facebook videos, and four Instagram stories, on how these strong role models never gave up on their dreams and lived their lives true to their culture and family values. The campaign amplified their voices through social media platforms and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, which proactively positioned GMC as a brand that understands Latinos and what drives them.

Throughout each episode, H Code weaved in powerful shots of the GMC Sierra Denali and Canyon AT4 with voiceovers from our spoken word talent describing how they work hard, play hard and live hard. Our production team created a powerful visual and narrative parallel between the car's features with our Latino influencers, both of which embody what it means to be professional grade. The first profile was that of an Azteca Charro or professional horse rider, who represents strength in the Mexican tradition. The spot showed scenes of his everyday life filled with tradition, including quality construction of materials and (literal) horse power. The second spot was that of a Tex-Mex BBQ owner and showed him building the fire, fanning the slow flames, using traditional aspects of cooking and building his dreams surrounded by loved ones. The restaurant owner highlighted the strength and power of the truck that got him to the lake where he hosted a big cookout with friends. The comments from viewers were overwhelmingly positive and praised the brand for taking a chance at telling a different type of story and showcasing Latino talent in a completely different category than what we usually see in branded campaigns.


My Code delivered a target audience reach of 3.5MM against males 35+ and delivered 6.7MM impressions with 7.7K click-throughs on social media. The total social impressions delivered exceeded the original campaign goal by (1.1x higher). The campaign's authentic engagement rate (ER) was 4.9x higher than the industry benchmark. GMC partnered with My Code's Intelligence Center, the company’s proprietary platform dedicated to providing a pulse on ever-changing consumer sentiments and arms marketers with culturally nuanced intelligence to better understand and connect with the diverse consumer landscape, for a brand lift study. Our results found that respondents who viewed the GMC creatives were significantly more likely to say their expectations were met or exceeded by the brand, versus the industry standard benchmark. Respondents viewed GMC creative as 93% very well in line with their expectations with the industry standard at 88%. Respondents who viewed the GMC creatives were significantly more likely to say it made them feel happy, sincerely connected and more energized than the industry benchmark. Overall, the creative resonated with respondents and improved their opinion of GMC as having a slight edge over their competition and made respondents feel closer to the brand. Interest in GMC increased for more than half of the respondent pool. Strong integration of GMC vehicles seamlessly woven into the messaging narratives helped showcase the brand as meeting the targeted audience’s needs and highlighting the product’s attractiveness, styling, advanced technology, and overall quality. The ads' overall believability and ability to make viewers view the GMC Sierra Denali and Canyon AT4 as dependable helped differentiate and boost interest in the vehicle.


Video for Leyendas by GMC Sierra

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My Code, Carat and GMC

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