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The goal of improving through blogging and practicing your passions in life, whether through writing socially, or individually as a student or aspiring author, is to be strong enough to appreciate the changes you go through and resilient through minor stressors in life, and not allow yourself to give up on your dreams and passions in life.

Failure is one thing, forgiving yourself, and being clear on your intent in life is crucial toward success, while you may intintially feel inhibited by sharing as you go, and notifying others of your status and progress, sometimes that's the only way to grow. I always write from the heart and I'm not afraid to share what I think, even if it's a new favorite song or share my sense of humor, I have found my own style on Instagram and I'm proud of what I have been able to share.

Sometimes sharing allows for feedbacks and acceptances of you, gives clarity, and other times it does not, it all depends on who you're talking to, this I learned through seeking help from psychiatrists. Being online you can be yourself, whether it's a good or bad day and thankfully always have time to explain later or make things better moving forward. What it teaches you is that when things are bad the only way to correct that discomfort is to speak well of yourself and especially others, not complain. 

Sometimes that's the only way to grow. While you cannot please them all, isolation is not the correct reponse to overcoming mental health issues, or issues social, political, or romance wise. The more experience you have interacting with others, the more accepting you can be of one anothers dispositions in life, the less devastating the small things become when it come to individual interactions and how things look overall. This is how letter writing on Instagram and Messenger have helped me, to be able to connect with Pen Pals who I one way message and receive replies by blocks & unblocks: Todd Spitzer, Justice Roberts, and Justice Sotomayor. 

Never stop seeing the beauty in your progress, it's okay to take a step back, it's the energy you put out into the world is the same energy you get back, whether that's by failure, disappointment, lack of acceptance, or achievement in life. Sometimes you can only make things better not trying to challenge ideas, but to create a few of your own, without quesitonning others. Most things can be set aside, the less you mention the role that others should have in how you feel and look, the more you empower others to be themselves and worry less what others think, that's one less battle as an individual you have to face each time you set things aside to focus on yourself.

If it's by improvement we feel inspired, then it must not be through difficulty that we communicate best, you don't have to be perfect. There are many ways to be well, get well, feel included, and participate in debates online, without crossing into unknown terrority stick to your own story in life, and not waste too much time fighting battles that are not your own. If anyone official is more equipped to manage those issues, accepting your place in life, means to be well with nothing, to be well even if you have everything, and to accept that you are fortunate enough just to improve, and to be happy where you are, just doing that.

Living life is a serious subject, and we all blossom at different paces in life, it's never too late to bloom, to try again, to apply for a job, to feel good about yourself, to stop fighting, to accept the good and the bad, and to feel the pains of loss, as painful as they may be, not allow what hurts you as a person, be taught to others, and to look out for people in life, and always do what is in the best interests to all.

Mostly what we see is how we think things are happening, the best way to live life, is to not question the behavior and words of others, and focus more on how not to contribute in a way to be misidentified as being among a sect preferred, not be differentiated by stigma, race, diagnosis, friendship, story, or experience, be a good person no matter what has happened to you in life. No matter whether you were mature, well, or smart enough to recognize why you did not feel well, no one deserves to be taught lessons through the experince of pain, and maybe this is something we do not understand until it happens to us, which is how social media helps, something that teaches you how people connect, and to skip the drugs in the event that things are not well, not make things worse for ourselves or others, and to do something positive like write though the bad feelings, or worry, or fear, or bad feelings in life, regret, or past things said, and just figure out how to be now. Smaller or bigger, and without complaint just be, and if you're lucky your confidence will come back to you in life, and be unbothered again, a happy person.

The best way to practice showing that you are happy and loving, is to actually see what you look like expressing those emotions, and to remember how to be in order to have things in life, be that person you were, before you felt scared to open up, how writing helps, the more comfortable you are around others, the less punishing and painful it feels like, just being yourself, perfect or not.  

Strategy and Execution

I’m a Top 100 Personal Development & Self-Improvement Blogger on Feedspot, not to mention a Top 50 Blog & Website in Los Angeles. I began my blogging journey 2013 upon leaving law school, a quotes blogger, sharing wisdom and insights along the way. Always full of ideas for positive change in terms of acceptance of those going through difficult times, recovery, and mental health issues. 

I made a website to share writing samples, blog daily, present my best work, a website I was very proud of, while finishing my Masters in Law. Since improving I have decided to start a new blog

Recovering from mental health issues and substance abuse can be a difficult journey, especially alone, I have found that by creating an accountable space, putting down my thoughts in detail, and goal setting has been key to adjusting to life on the meds your prescribed. 

I have always been open to sharing my ideas and thoughts on current events and issues and provide motivational and emotional support through talking about my own feelings and what comes up for me. Fortunately many can relate and have responded in the positive to my writings, receiving up to 2000-3000 likes per post via Blogpros. I even got a job this year writing for Level 21 Magazine as a blogger, and recently hired as Paralegal in a Civil Litigation law firm, following my dreams. 

My goal is to publish a self-help book one day, and have shared many drafts on my website. I wrote my first book 2018 which I have yet to publish. 



I had the privilege of building a website while finishing my Masters in Law, graduated. I think once you have recognized that upon losing privileges in life, the value of being able to help others and to be stripped of that privilege in life to wait until you are eligible to work directly with victims (or clients) in general and an audience. I think you can have many jobs, and sometimes there is value in learning other professions, its okay to go off course career wise, so long as you continue to learn, and respect the rules, preferences, and ethics of each given profession, not be one to not respect from within, which is the main idea behind measuring "risk" and determining the benefit and value of your presence, attitude is number 1, feel good to be you. Feel good about yourself, and do your best and never give up, it will matter one day, maybe not now, it's always okay to listen and to continue your education, and it's always okay to care.

I think the dilemma faced by those who were once respected, or who are not recognized as having suffered have a little more proving to do in life, especially in the legal profession. Any Attorney bar member must go through a "Good Character" screening, this is when you learn your past matters. I had the privilege of developing my blog over a period of a year before my Alexa Rank started improving. It takes that long of a period in time to write consistently and to be reocgnized and followed or liked publicly, you will not recognize the significance of participating consistently, until things become difficult starting over or continuing to write again. It's the internet, so I've learned to be more mindful of those backlinking or using your work. 

Progress and proper maintenance is high maintenance. I spent the majority of my time while graduating working on something I love, and creating a system that worked for me not just online by my rank and analytics but also as a person adjusting to mental health issues along the way. It's your own workspace, like many pursued creating an at-home job for themselves. I however was not able to make money and pursued a job offline instead, and still got to enjoy the process of learning and earning the privilege of being heard by many!

I gained followers and traffic, recognized on Alexa, the ranking system at the time I found through doing online research on blogging credentials. My last Alexa Report this year 2022, stated that my Rank in the US for my Orginal Blog and pen name "mymollydoll" is 39,696 on Alexa. Moving to Wordpress proved to be a challenge, the lesson being to continue working on what is going well for you, and not focus so much on aesthetics. My highest rank on Alexa was 14,827 in the US, with this paid for service offered by Amazon, I was able to research and allowed to view other popular websites in the categories of writing, building blogs, fashion, or entertainment, who's work was being featured, known names, commerical identities, who could be written about and recommended to others to read.

The goal has always been someone who is readable, not situate myself to describe disagnoses or hospitalizations in life or experinces to make others upset by me, or not appreciate my condition, or my lifestyle, or how far I have come in life, or by where I am, not live up to standards. I don't think anyone intends to ever get sick, or to struggle or to fail. Being among the top websites in the Country was an honor, and with that comes responsibility, your health matters, to compensate for the pressure in writing publicly I would run everyday, I think that was how I first learned how to stay well and feel good, incorporating writing, seemed to fit the condition of wellness approrpriately. I dont think discontinuing running or cardio helped, nor did spending more time at home, time management is important, especially when re-building trust, not be taken advantage of, or not be embarrassing, or lose privileges in life, viewed as obnoxious or unappreciative, not working hard in life or disciplined. 

Knowing when to take a step back, in view of opportunity, when faced with a ongoing Pandemic COVID, not take on a position of leadership, as diagnosed with mental health issues, and to listen to others if the value of my blog was questionned or thought not deserve, continue to prove and build and to show how by present ability and continued enthusiasm and improvement, not only benefits me, but also helps to avoid trouble. No growth of popularity is to blame for an underseved acceptance of you, you can always control how you look and seem to others, improve, even if you are embarrassed or something happens to change opinion of you, there is always time to prove yourself again, that is just a risk you take being online, while trying to protect your identity and make sure to take the right jobs. 

Always seek to be accepted rather than to prove wrong. The more you include and the less you point out as being in error, the more you allow for things to hurt less, and allow the past the be accepted as it was, improved or not. What keeps you well? Apart from sickness that can be inherited by any thinkings in life, I worked toward getting a job with any meds or diagnosis given, a good sport about things, and have always made an effort to do what has been recommended to me, and able to get a job! I think earning a living and being independent, and living a life that does not expose others to unwanted attentions or threat, is hard to do as a blogger.

There is a lot of assumption, that you achieve peace or success with ease, and a lot of "scrutiny" when it comes to your makeup and history or how you came to be. Be fearless in your pursuit finding what makes you happy in life sometimes it's not the finish lines that matter most but more about appreciating where we are now, avails itself to more opportunities moving forward. People will love you once you learn to love yourself, feel good about yourself, confident about your skills and education, and people will love you once you are no longer asking others for help in life with your problems and get to a place where you can share progress & stability that inspires them to do the same. Friendships online work wonders. 

I don't think that anyone's story is perfect or as endearing as one that was intended to help others grow past their setbacks in life, and become a wiser person in the long run, and come to know and identify themsleves among others with ease, feel good about yourself, thats something that no one can teach you, and sometimes it takes schooling and sacrifices in life, or living for the moment, to get to enjoy those brief moments of acceptance, staying active, and being proactive. To live any differently making up for lost time, or living in the past with resentment, carries you no further to better understanding how important your now is, and improve more, complain less.

Public speaking is not easy, sometimes what you are not good at, if you mean well and give an extended effort day in and day out to be present and there for others, new to a situation, then your life on meds living less, would indicate that you would be prepared in the event that life was made to stop, keep the spirits of others up, eventually its something we all learn to do on our own and with people we trust. This I think no leadership is required for, staying well, how to stay well, or what to recognize as sick, even if it means not being threated by people, we dont understand, or think poorly of, it's a very painful experience, to not be intimidated by others, so it would only make sense for me to be less private, and allow others to get to know me at their leisure and find my matches in life. 


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