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From the 7th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

Lay's joy Exchange Integrated Campaign

Finalist in Food & Beverage


Lay’s Thailand would like to promote its sustainable agriculture in Thailand.  Most of potatoes used for producing Lay’s snacks are grown domestically. Not only increasing income for farmers, but it is also helps to reduce carbon footprint.  But how could Lay communicate this important message to young generation?  Lay’s joy exchange is the platform inviting young generation to learn more about sustainable farming then share their joy to others and society. 

Strategy and Execution

Lay’s Joy Exchange is the first digital community that brought the young generation together, sparked them with joy, and spread collective happiness to Thai farmers via digital content and activities. We developed the campaign into phasing as followed. 


Phase 1: Grow Your Lay’s 

Growing plants at home was a huge social media trend in Thailand. We would like to reignite this trend and invite everyone to experience their own “Making of joy” by growing their Lay's potato chips!  


To join the campaign, users must register on the website to get Lay’s exclusive potato growing pack with instructions from farmers. Then experience their own “making of joy” by growing your own Lay’s potato chips. As their potatoes are ready for harvest, Growers must mail them back to Lay’s Thailand to transform it personalized bags of Lay’s potato chips! 


Phase 2: Lay’s Joy Coins 

Joy coin is a digital currency used on Lay’s Joy Exchange Platform. The more users engage with the platform e.g., by reading articles, playing mini-game, or taking a survey, the more they earn coins. Joy coins can be redeemed for Lay’s special rewards. We believed that the more joy people share, the more joyful they will be.  


Phase 3: Lay’s Joy Pot 

Users can gain experience of growing potatoes via the virtual world with Lay’s Joy Pot mini-game. To collect Joy coins, players must water and take good care of their potato pot every day. The neglected potato will be wilted then players will need to restart from level 1 all over again. With gamification mechanics, the complicated process of growing potatoes became enjoyable and easy to understand.  


Phase 4: Joy Exchange To Farmer 

In addition to redeeming rewards, users also have the option to donate Joy Coin to Lay’s sustainable farming CSR projects, sending back joy to Thai farmers 



After 2 months after the project launch, over 400,000 participants visited the website, and over 25,000 registered to be community members. Lay’s was proud to be a part to build Thailand's sustainable future.  The project effectively attracted the young generation to be aware of the importance of sustainable agriculture, spread their messages of joy, and give back to society. 


Entrant Company / Organization Name

Mirum (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Head Office), Pepsi-Cola (Thai) Trading