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Jenni Kayne Home

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In 2022, Jenni Kayne Home, the interiors division of fashion and lifestyle brand Jenni Kayne, saw a large expansion, opening dedicated home stores in Brentwood, California and Westport, Connecticut in addition to its flagship in SoHo, New York. Jenni Kayne Home offers a thoughtful and ever-growing collection of interior essentials that deliver a whole-home solution, this year launching their first outdoor furniture line, the Vista Collection, and a new collaboration with French cookware brand, Staub. Jenni Kayne Home also made an entrance into hospitality in 2022, opening The Jenni Kayne Ranch in Santa Ynez, California this March. The Ranch is a full-scale interiors project curated by Kayne and the team offering an immersive environment dedicated to the Jenni Kayne Home brand. Curated stays were offered to family, friends of the brand, and members of the public, inviting guests to immerse themselves into the world of Jenni Kayne Home and engage with the brand on social media. With this expansion, Jenni Kayne Home saw an opportunity for increased social media presence, looking to grow in terms of engagement and followership, while creating increased opportunities for user-generated content.


After launching the @jennikaynehome Instagram account in July of 2021, Jenni Kayne Home set a goal of developing a growing and loyal group of followers throughout 2022 evident through increased engagement across all content including static posts as well as the addition of video content and Reels. The Jenni Kayne Ranch was introduced to Jenni Kayne Home followers on March 30, 2022 as a monumental project for the brand that would be followed by a robust social media campaign. In addition to the rollout of content related to The Ranch’s two-year renovation process, told through professionally shot footage as well as behind-the-scenes content shared through the channel and shot by members of Kayne’s team, The Ranch offered an opportunity for friends, family and high profile guests to promote and engage the Jenni Kayne Home audience.  The idyllic property, just a few hours outside of Los Angeles, was visited by tastemakers such as Aimee Song and Marianna Hewitt as well as editors from local and national media outlets who were encouraged to share content of Kayne’s project with their own followers, driving traffic to the Jenni Kayne Home profile and creating an increased awareness of the Jenni Kayne Home brand. The Ranch also provided Jenni Kayne Home an opportunity to interact and engage with its followers, offering stays to a select number of followers after encouraging engagement with Instagram content.


Projecting $150 million dollars in sales by the end of 2022, 70% of all Jenni Kayne revenue is achieved through ecommerce, displaying a loyal customer base across online and digital platforms.

So far in 2022, Jenni Kayne Home’s Instagram following has grown 4,222% at 87,701 total followers (as a result of 56,238 new followers this calendar year). Video has been a major driver for Jenni Kayne Home on Instagram, reaching over 1.52 million views on short form content in 2022 alone. The account's organic reach in 2022 has seen 22,036,039 users resulting in 5,590,862 impressions.

The growing social media presence is also helpful in identifying target markets to open future Jenni Kayne Home store locations, or host pop-ups and brand activations. As the brand looks toward 2023 as a year of continued aggressive expansion, Instagram analytics prove to be a helpful tool for locating loyal customer bases as Jenni Kayne Home strategizes for additional brick and mortar stores.


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