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Founded in 2020 by Tim Chau (A Gen Z, queer, nonbinary Asian American), Impact aims to…

- Inspire young people looking to make a difference through our accessible information, stories, and resources.

- Empower young people to contribute directly to causes for social good. This includes direct actions such as 1) garnering thousands of meaningful petition signatures, 2) registering thousands of young voters, 3) raising money for social causes and, 4) signing up young people for civic engagement (marches, protests, etc)

- Amplify the voices of those who have historically been silenced and foster an inclusive community that is knowledgable about different marginalized issues.

Strategy and Execution

Strategy: We combine our large platform, diverse team (Our team is 95% POC, 85% Women + Nonbinary, and 60% LGBTQIA), and exceptional ability to create accessible, high-quality content to create collective change and drive long-term impact both inside and outside of our community.

Implementation: Our two-pronged mission of shifting culture and enabling action is intertwined in a highly synergistic way: a person will read our content centering an under-heard issue, often involving marginalized communities, and then will be prompted to take action. These actions consist of signing a petition, sharing content, donating, signing up to a protest, registering to vote, etc.

Our team is also a direct reflection of the audience we’re serving. Our team crushes the average for our industry (our team is 95% POC, 85% Women + Nonbinary, and 60% LGBTQIA). Plus, all of our writers are young people themselves, with most being Gen Z. All of this means that they’re able to deeply tune into culture and create content that people actually care about.

Key Features:

  1. Our content is mainly distributed on social platforms, because we know that young people are moving away from traditional forms of media such as T.V., radio, and articles. We’re meeting young people where they are.

  2. We combine the forefront of aesthetic design with accessible and easy to understand language to deliver just the content Gen Z wants to engage with. No platform does our content as well as we do it. Here are some of pieces that showcase this:,,,

  3. We look for moments in culture and find ways to educate our youth audience about more systemic issues. Here are some examples: [,](,


1) Audience:

In just two years, we’ve grown to 2.8M collective followers on @Impact & @Environment. We’re also able to achieve an engagement rate that is 10X that of traditional media platforms on IG (NowThis, Vogue, Buzzfeed). In 2022, we've garnered 655 million impressions and over 72 million engagements.

On a micro level, here are some comments from our community:

  1. "everything you post is purpose-driven and has sparked so many convos including in our community"
  2. "Not only do you shine light on serious problem in this society, you also give solid reasons and explain why... It is easy to read/understand, also for people that don't have english as the first language (like me)"

2) Action

The Impact team has fundraised $1,400,000+ for social causes and organizations like the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Ukrainian Refugees, and COVID-19 relief. We utilize our content and our community to raise funds for critical moments. Here are some links to content during this period: (,

Many of content pieces have provided our audience with actions items, directing hundreds of thousands of petition signatures to important causes such as Act for Antonio, Justice for George Floyd, Justice for Christian Hall, and many more. We worked directly with the Hall family to secure tens of thousands of petitions and donations for Christian Hall, a teen murdered by police during a mental health crisis. Because of our work, we were able to elevate his story to the mainstream and bring attention to the injustice.


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