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The Fellowship - Humanitarian Aid

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When the possibility of war in Ukraine became apparent, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (The Fellowship) realized that this conflict would pose a grave threat to the vulnerable populations we have served in the region for many years. Many of these people – including the elderly and homebound, some of whom are Holocaust survivors – cannot survive without assistance even in the best of times, let alone during a time of war and conflict. Thus, it was critical that we continue to serve them, even in the worst-case scenario of war.  Our goal was to keep up with the rising needs of the Jewish community who needed our help in Ukraine.


The Fellowship has worked consistently throughout the former Soviet Union for more than 30 years, providing lifesaving assistance to needy families, elderly, and orphans. We have the experience and the extensive network of staff, partners, and volunteers necessary to deliver aid quickly and effectively, even in a time of war. Thus, when war erupted in Ukraine in 2022, The Fellowship was prepared. Before the first day of the war ended, we were in “emergency mode.”  We launched an Emergency Relief Campaign and raised funds to deliver essential aid like food and medication, to facilitate evacuation and aliyah (immigration to Israel) for refugees fleeing to safety, and to ensure that Ukraine’s approximately 200,000 Jews had everything they needed during the crisis. Our teams opened up communication channels with partners and staff in the war zone, along with leaders of fellow global humanitarian organizations mobilizing to help.  We continue to raise funds and provide support where needed.


In the past 8 months, supporters of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (The Fellowship) have assisted 80,000 displaced Ukrainians and refugees, helped over 3,500 find shelter in Israel, and delivered more than 100 tons of food and essentials to distressed Ukrainian families. Even before the war began, The Fellowship laid the groundwork for humanitarian assistance in Ukraine in the event of a Russian invasion.  This year, The Fellowship’s donors have given more than $20 million towards our emergency relief efforts in Ukraine.

The relief provided by The Fellowship throughout the war includes: 

•  More than 3,000 blankets and sleeping bags provided to refugees in need of temporary housing

• More than 4,000 Ukrainian Jews helped with making aliyah (immigrating to Israel)

•  80,000 displaced persons and refugees given basic essentials such as food, medicine, and temporary housing in Ukraine and in neighboring countries

•  Establishing a joint call center with the Jewish Agency to help refugees with housing and necessary paperwork

•  Over 1,600 children and staff evacuated from orphanages in Ukraine

•  50 elderly with severe medical conditions evacuated to Israel on medical rescue flights

•  7 planes carrying 95 tons of humanitarian aid airlifted to refugees and stranded families

•  10 tons of matzah distributed to Jewish populations in Ukraine and Moldova for Passover


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