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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

How We Hooked eBay Sneakers Up With Kurupt FM

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The sneaker market is awash with imitations being floated as the real thing. Our client, eBay wants to get real sneakers back on the feet of real sneakerheads, which is why they tapped us up to draw awareness within the sneakerhead community of their sneakers’ unparalleled authentication service.

But, we didn’t stop there…eBay’s democratic DNA demanded we broke down barriers for both passionate enthusiasts and the mainstream crep admirer to get involved too. How better to unite these groups than through a legendary celebrity partnership and some kick-ass home-grown content?


Strategy and Execution

As part of our ongoing activity for eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee, we paired eBay with Kurupt FM for a five-month partnership, and our production team pulled out all the stops. We delivered end-to-end Studio services from script writing, shooting, editing, to paid asset creation. This content sat across Kurupt FM’s YouTube and Instagram and was then repurposed for paid media amplification and optimisation. We knew the content had to look authentically 'Kurupt' to get their followers double-tapping but also smash eBay’s objectives.

We produced a two-part series with Kurupt FM where the guys bagged their own creps from eBay, and rallied up a sneakers media storm. Devastatingly funny and 100% on-brand, the content even included a link-up with the crew at their Printworks gig to bag backstage content. We then took the content offline with an IRL pop-up market stall in London in collaboration with Weber where the Kurupt FM crew sold authenticated iconic sneakers for just 15 quid.

Was it easy? No. Was it worth it? Hell yeah.

We sourced a market stall-worth of authentic sneakers from eBay and set up shop on Bethnal Green Road. Like any public pop-up, we had to obtain filming and trade permissions. But once that was in the bag, our main focus became crowd control on the day.  What can we say, the activation was too popular. We toed the line between rampant social coverage and organic footfall to maintain a safe, enjoyable environment for all those involved on the day. But don't worry, we made up for social coverage after the fact, with over 750 hours of watch time. 



With over 750 hours of watch time and 946K impressions, it's clear our content achieved its awareness aim. But it didn’t just hit, it hit in the right area — our Kurupt FM content was scripted with sneakerheads in mind, so every joke would land. We then brought our content to life in East London, a huge sneakerhead hub, so we could share the  love with those that wanted it most, at a more affordable price.


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SEEN Connects, eBay


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