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Healthy Skin Show Podcast

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Millions of people are struggling with chronic skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, dandruff, acne, hives + many more feeling like there is no other option or hope for them beyond steroid creams and other drugs with pretty serious side effects. For those seeking alternative options (with some research backing their efficacy), they're often left feeling like the remedies discussed online aren't all that effective. This frustration and desire to look at these chronic skin problems from a different perspective is what listeners will find on the Healthy Skin Show podcast.

The Healthy Skin Show podcast is a 250+ episode journey diving into what's actually driving these chronic skin problems based on clinical experience and published research that hasn't made its way into the exam room yet.

It's our goal for the listener to become empowered, better educated + engaged as an advocate for their health and skin. By connecting the dots across various medical and nutrition fields and breaking down complex topics often glossed over by your doctor, listeners now have a seat at the table to discuss their skin concerns so that they can make more informed decisions and get better results.

Covering the convention to the integrative options, the Healthy Skin Show podcast is dedicated to transforming the options chronic skin warriors have both in and outside of the exam room!

Strategy and Execution

At this point, chronic skin issues have been largely overlooked when it comes to integrative medicine as a topic "hot enough" to warrant a significant focus (aside from acne). That leaves patients dealing with these conditions to implement tactics from books, podcasts and websites that aren't necessarily focused on helping them. Plus, they often struggle with advocating for their skin concerns and are typically put on serious meds (often for life) that the side effects aren't fully discussed.

The Healthy Skin Show's goal is to pull back the curtain on integrative options and alternative strategies that patients aren't hearing about, as well as learn how to best advocate for themselves (with evidence-based episodes). Two crucial elements of the show are highlighting topics that deserve more attention (such as Topical Steroid Withdrawal Syndrome, Grover's Disease, or Progesterone Hypersensitivity) as well as giving listeners the space to decide what's best for themselves without fear, judgment, or shame.

While web search algorithms can change without warning causing content to be prioritized, we intentioned chose podcasting as the platform of choice since podcasting apps act as a search engine that would have the capacity to reach listeners searching for key phrases and diagnoses that would otherwise get buried on Google.

The show releases one episode a week and is promoted to our dedicated newsletter list (with an average open rate of 40%), and then shared across social media platforms using video snippets to engage + reach new potential listeners. Instagram has been a helpful driver using reels with interesting quotes as well as further education and resharing of older episodes using the stories feature.

All episodes (260 and counting) are fully transcribed making them easy for those who prefer to read as well as those who are hearing impaired. We upgraded our recording studio in early 2022 so that we could bring a more impactful video version of the show that now airs on Youtube as well.

And because the Healthy Skin Show is available worldwide, the content shared on the show helps empower patients in other countries (beyond the US and Canada) to ask better questions and seek different solutions to help them finally break free of their suffering.


The popularity of the Healthy Skin Show has resulted in downloads that have surpassed 800,000 without any ad spend (or media connections) as well as over 255 reviews on Apple podcasts. In August 2022, our host Jennifer Fugo was featured by Podcast Magazine in their "40 Over 40 In Podcasting" edition and the show is consistently at the top of the charts that track condition-specific podcasts for eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea (oscillating between the 1st and 2nd spots).

Beyond metrics for the show, the real results are the impact the show has on the listeners because of its research-based information that shares strategies they haven't heard of, giving them the confidence to be better advocates in the doctor's office, and inspiring them with the hope that they can actually make impactful changes to their skin and quality of life.

We believe this is why the show is so widely shared! And if you're looking to see the value of how it has changed lives (which in our opinion is the most important result), you can find that perspective in the reviews for the show on Apple as well as comments left on the YouTube channel.


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