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Driving Employee Engagement in a Hybrid Workplace

Finalist in Employee Engagement


DBS Bank’s Consumer Banking Group Operations (CBGO) is present in seven markets: Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, India and Thailand.

The pandemic has changed the way we engage our colleagues and interact with them. The sudden pivot from daily physical interactions to fully virtual interactions has resulted in the engagement team needing to be creative in the ways they keep colleagues engaged and helping them feel like they are still a part of the bank.

For the past 2 years, colleagues got used to working from home and participating in events remotely. In 2022, the bank implemented a permanent hybrid work arrangement, bringing back the pre-pandemic ways of physically engagements, while providing more flexibility in their schedules. Finding new methods of engagement that help colleagues stay connected have become increasing important. Not only are we organising and facilitating more physical interactions across our different offices, we need to find ways to encourage colleagues to participate actively and feel connected.

Our holistic employee engagement framework, Engagement = Experience + Exposure + Education, comprises activations for the mind, body and heart, and is rolled out to all seven markets.

We strategised our engagement framework with the aim of:

  1. Fostering higher engagement within CBGO
  2. Allowing CBGO colleagues to keep abreast with initiatives happening across all markets
  3. Driving collaboration to achieve success as one family
  4. Promoting a growth mindset and encouraging employees to maximise their potentials

Strategy and Execution

Experience: For colleagues to develop new, and enhance existing skills

Exposure: To broaden the horizon and insights of our colleagues

A large part of our engagement comes with exposure. Often, the challenge fostering connections between with colleagues in different locations, which is made tougher with the pandemic.

In Singapore, with safe management measures easing up, and true to our intention of increasing interaction among colleagues, we gathered our team physically after the townhall to enjoy an afternoon tea buffet, and 3 ‘live’ snack stations.

Education: Promote a growth mindset and impart relevant knowledge that aids one’s daily work


Our holistic Employee Engagement strategy creates positive impact and meaning to our colleagues across seven markets. CBGO is more than a team; we connect as family and support each other in overall development. Success is no less than the results below; ongoing adoption on deep listening and constantly implementing new channels of engagement to connect with our 3,000 colleagues across remains the focus and priority. After listening to their feedback, we better understand their needs, and demonstrate our support to them accordingly.

  1. CBGO Logo contest: 40 entries and 713 votes
  2. Back to Office TikTok/Instagram videos: 101 entries with 2,400 viewers on the voting page.
  3. CBGO Open post-event survey: Consistently high rating, >4.6/5 since 2022
  4. Industry Awards wins eDM: Senior management recognition and congratulatory messages
  5. Employee Appreciation: Senior management and colleagues use DBS’ rewards portal (iTQ/WeTQ) to recognise efforts of colleagues. The Thank You Wall has more than 1,000 posts
  6. Positive feedback from Be My Guest participants – “I highly encourage fellow colleagues to be part of this initiative. It allows you to know more about other functions within the CBO family. It’s a good opportunity to observe how the management carry themselves, and the good traits to possess in your career”
  7. Milestone celebrations to ensure colleagues are recognised. For eMTK, the Group CBGO Head hosted a celebration where colleagues got to learn about the project, and celebrated their success for being ranked the 1st in the Unified Ops Control Tower.


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DBS Bank

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