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Leyden Lewis for The Brooklyn Tower

Entered in Racial Equality


The Brooklyn Tower is a groundbreaking new achievement from real estate duo JDS Development Group and SHoP Architects, who build some of the world's most remarkable engineering feats in architecture. With this project, they have l designated Brooklyn not only as a landmark, but as a skyline competitor to Manhattan, signaling a new era of design, development, and urban rejuvenation in the borough. The building sits in the heart of downtown Brooklyn, a neighborhood historically shaped by the Black community. Luxury real estate often overlooks its roots, and in our mission to promote the building's groundbreaking residences and amenities, we also recognized the opportunity to tell the story of its surrounding community.

JDS elected the design industry anomaly Leyden Lewis - a Brooklyn-bred, black and queer interior designer - to design one of their model residences. As an agency, we recognized the opportunity to amplify his voice, passion and talent to make a historically invisible population in design, visible and heard.


We're achieving our objective with our unique visual storytelling strategy. 

In our opportunity to highlight Leyden Lewis, we leaned into our Instagram-bespoke, handheld shooting style that's friendly and familiar; masterfully cut and chopped into editorial-level content that’s engaging, easy to follow and highly informative.

To provide context, storytelling in luxury real estate is often over or under-edited. We as an agency are bridging the gap to cut through the noise and convey substantive ideas. Real estate lives in the real world, and we like to bring that connective tissue to digital media. 


This storytelling series is unprecedented in the real estate industry. We’ve added a unique character and sense of place to The Brooklyn Tower’s Instagram page that humanizes the page for a deeper look at what it means to live and be a local. Though our stats might not match other submissions (we have a few thousand views), we confidently nominate our content for its pioneering quality in the real estate industry versus Instagram’s algorithmic reaction. Specifically calling out Instagram’s devaluation of content that has typeface or graphics overlaid, which we did in order to promote the brand. Our client didn’t have budget to put paid promotion behind the content so we chose to publish organically.


Video for Leyden Lewis for The Brooklyn Tower

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DADA Goldberg, JDS Development Group


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