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Special Project

Special Project
From the 6th Annual Shorty Awards

Xbox Tumblr

Entered in Tumblr of the Year


In the five months since the Xbox tumblr was redesigned and launched we have gained 28,218 followers and our content has received over 8.6 views. We approached the platform with the intent to create a feed where gamers could find content that was purely game related and that was uniquely suited to Tumblr's highly sharable format- high resolution stills and screen shots; animated gifs created from trailers and gameplay footage; galleries of sales and promotions; a bevy of materials specifically curated for a Tumblr audience that is looking for an engaging presentation of the titles that interest them. We wanted our growth to be organic, to first cement our position as an authority on information and a haven for gamers, to create a rapport using Tumblr's language of moving images and extensive tagging, and then to grow and engage our community by finding user generated content to share via reblogging. We utilized limited paid promotion in October and November to share and inform the community about the upcoming launch of the Xbox One and the first next generation games offered on it- Forza 5, Ryse: Son of Rome, and Dead Rising 3- in the form of complicated gifsets. We continued to accrue large spikes of followers and notes thanks to being featured over twenty times in the #gaming tag, as well as benefiting from the recommendation of highly followed blogs based purely on the quality of our content. The Xbox Tumblr will continue to foster a conversation with the community by providing high quality content and reblogging the creative efforts of our fans 4ever. Just kidding. For 5ever. The Xbox tumblr deserves recognition for engaging and growing its audience by using that audience's language, and presenting content in ways that encourage creativity and conversation in the gaming community, all while maintaining a standard of accessibility and meeting the strict guidelines set forth by the ESRB as to what can and cannot be shared on official channels. The Xbox tumblr not only publishes original editorial content created from game images, but it reaches out personally to fans through asks and fanmail, as well as commenting on and liking their posts, actively participating in tumblr culture.


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Microsoft & Ayzenberg Group


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