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From the 6th Annual Shorty Awards

The Browser 5.0 takes social TV interaction to a new level

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The Browser 5.0 takes the conversation on social media and puts it on live TV every day at 12:30 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Whether its debunking rumors, talking about the latest scandal or dissecting breaking news, The Browser 5.0 is there and involving its audience. We've taking what is trending online and turned it into a news show that is interesting and dynamic. If a YouTube clip is going viral, we bring in the filmmaker and have them talk about their inspiration, and the experience of going viral. If everyone is talking about a blog post, we Skype with the author and get the story behind it. When Lay's, or Oreo or any other food releases new flavors that are getting reaction, we make our hosts try them on air for the first time, much to their chagrin. With almost 200,000 fans on a Facebook that regularly reaches three times that, the show has developed a loyal following that shares their strong opinions daily and watches for them on TV. This video depicts a week in the life of the Browser – but we are entering the entire show as the best show that is on TV right now interacting with its audience, live, every day. Watch it on its livestream at at 12:30 Mountain Time. From local to national, no station in the country has a show like The Browser 5.0 that is consistently interacting with their audience every day and using social media to determine content. Structured like a newscast - but letting what's trending determine the flow of the show each day, the Browser is equal parts information and entertainment. The “live" element of this show lends itself to that. If news is dominating the conversation, as it did the week of the Boston Marathon bombing, then The Browser 5.0 will be based around that topic. But, as you can see in the video, if everyone is talking about the Grammys, then they will find a way to involve viewers and talk about it too. The Browser 5.0 comes after a traditional newscast, providing a unique opportunity for it to delve deeper into stories, talk to viewers about what they just watched, and invite guests on set to chat. Segments range from the "daily download" -- talking about something topical -- or "spoof or truth" which debunks Internet rumors. From instagram challenges ( Not only is The Browser 5.0 interacting with viewers every day, it is changing social TV. KSL pioneered the use of the Vidpresso social TV app that is now used at networks such as CNN and Univision to put comments on air. We were the first station to use it. Now the technology is used across the country in local station. Every day, The Browser 5.0 uses it in various ways to tell a story with viewers. When we wanted social polling, we partnered with then-Utah-based start-up Wedgies to create a poll system that would allow viewers to vote by text, Twitter, Facebook and web. Our developers worked with their developers to create a system that would work on air. Now, that polling system is being used by other media outlets across the country to gauge opinion from viewers. We are continually working to take things one step further. To partner with developers and start-ups, find new ways to interact with viewers and make better TV. We continuously take our show live at various tech events and social media events. Why should The Browser 5.0 win a Shorty? It's a 30-minute show making a big impact. No one is consistently engaging on this level, every day, pioneering efforts and defining what’s next for social media and TV. [View the story "Live TV Interaction on the Browser 5.0" on Storify]


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