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Special Project

Special Project
From the 6th Annual Shorty Awards

Snap a moment of color. Win a week in Maui.

Winner in Fashion


CHALLENGE: Every year, Maui Jim and Sunglass Hut partner together to run a consumer engagement contest that features Maui Jim in Sunglass Hut stores. The overall challenge for Maui Jim is to gain exposure and, ultimately, drive conversion to the Maui Jim brand by capitalizing on Sunglass Hut’s large online and in-store audience. While still holding to high sales goals, the 2013 promotion also needed to overcome many challenges faced by the 2012 promotion. The 2012 promotion was centered on The Amazing Spider-Man film release. Sunglass Hut and Maui Jim held a consumer video contest asking fans to submit a video of their own “amazing performances" to win a variety of prizes. While the promotion lifted base sales, it was deemed unsuccessful overall due to the many challenges it presented, which included a barrier to enter, mixed messaging on social channels, glitches on the custom gallery page, and lack of in-store promotional support. All of this resulted in few submissions and extremely low engagement. OBJECTIVE/OPPORTUNITY: > Primary: Drive traffic to Sunglass Hut stores and promotion hub > Secondary: Increase brand awareness and engagement INSIGHT: In order to achieve our objectives, we had to consider the similarities between the Maui Jim and the Sunglass Hut consumer. This promotion needed to stay in line with the Maui Jim brand while also appealing to the Sunglass Hut customer in-store. By looking at a couple key qualities of both and utilizing research we’ve conducted for the Maui Jim brand, we were able to craft a promotion that would appeal to both audiences. The Sunglass Hut consumer is stylish, savvy, spirited and real. They would own a smart phone and aren’t afraid to take a “selfie" in-store and have a little fun with it. The Maui Jim consumer skews a bit older and is laid-back, welcoming and tech-savvy. They also own a smart phone and are engaged in social media. SOLUTION: Our strategy to overcome the challenges from the 2012 promotion and capitalize on the large exposure for the Maui Jim brand included the following: > Drew attention to the store and the Maui Jim brand via photo engagement and colorful brand imagery in-store > Eliminated barrier by implementing easy entry methods via Instagram and Twitter hashtags, which could be used to enter immediately via smartphone > Used hashtags to pique interest among each fan’s followers and encourage them to find out about the promotion > Established content calendar prior to contest to avoid mixed messaging on Sunglass Hut’s channels and other promotions > Employed and tested a custom gallery multiple times prior to launch to avoid any glitches during the contest > Leveraged store associates to promote and explain the contest > Utilized the Facebook exchange to have high reach and drive users to the photo gallery > Increased reach and engagement through promoted tweets RESULTS/OUTCOME: We deserve to win in this category because the contest was a huge success, generating over 800 brand assets and reaching over 160,000 people. Based on the number of submissions and photo comments, fans were active and engaged in the promotion and eager to win. The media plan also over-delivered in almost every metric, generating more than 11.5MM impressions and 83,900 engagements; it also saw a 2.53% engagement rate, which is 1.53% above the benchmark. The Maui Jim marketing and Sunglass Hut executive/leadership teams were so satisfied with the outcome of the campaign that they wanted to feature it in a brand video highlighting the partnership between Maui Jim and Sunglass Hut for an upcoming executive sales meeting. They also sent the mid and final campaign reports out to their entire retail sales team (800+ people). METRICS/MEASURABLE ROI: The campaign over-delivered in every benchmark we set, which resulted in over 800 brand assets and 160,000 impressions. Last year, the campaign only received 159 submissions and 9,000 impressions, meaning that we increased submissions by 411% and impressions by 1,656%. Our media plan also over-delivered, generating over 11.5MM impressions overall. More specifically, there were 83,000 Twitter engagements (18,000 benchmark), $0.32 Twitter CPE ($1.50 benchmark), $1.76 Facebook eCPM ($3.50 benchmark) and 8MM Facebook impressions (4MM benchmark). Sales lifted overall for Maui Jim during this time period as well. In just three weeks, more than 19% of units were sold at Sunglass Hut compared to last year. Overall Maui Jim sales were lifted by 18%.

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