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From the 6th Annual Shorty Awards

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Winner in Video Games

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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (WB Games) launched social destinations on Facebook and Twitter for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes videogame in early 2013 to *assemble* potential buyers and enrich the experience of the product with additional sources of original, engaging entertainment. Growing a devoted online fan base for LEGO Marvel began with a deep understanding of brand and audience. Content was crafted not only to reflect core LEGO Marvel values such as boldness, heroism, and nonchalance, but also promote virality and fan rapport through the utilization of self-referential, topical, and Internet-based humor (see examples below):. "Pass the Shawarma, Please." Thanksgiving Greeting He's pretty fly for an Iron guy. War Machine rox. Establishing these channels was essential to support direct sales and awareness of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes around key announcements and its retail release, as well as receive new fans seeking communities as they discover the game. With a voice as epic as the game and franchise it represented, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes social channels not only served as a marketing tool for the game but also allowed people to relate individually to the characters they love, be immersed in a thriving community, and cultivate the fandom they already possessed for all things Marvel. We not only started amazing social channels... we built a portal of engaging, real-time pop culture references with the wit and humor fans expect from a LEGO game. From the start of the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Facebook page through the two weeks after the product’s launch, WB Games succeeded in gaining a base of 180,000 fans. More impressively, since then (and in half the time) fans of the page more than doubled to 376,000 without assistance from promoted content... (Minimal to no $$$.) LEGO Marvel Super Heroes reached an additional organic achievement with overall content during one four-week window reaching more three times its Facebook fan total, with one out of five users engaging at least once. To date, the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes page has delivered more than 163 million impressions to as many as 10.8 million Facebook users. Additionally, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes - with its heightened relevancy in pop culture - allowed WB Games to use real time social media listening tools to help maximize immediate responses to fans and daily headlines like no other video game has before. This significantly contributed to the brand's voice and affinity among fans outside of its core kids and family audience. Examples: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes response to the opening weekend of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes response to Ben Affleck as Batman, noticing a huge correlation between Batman conversations and Daredevil. Not only did we play upon the innate entertainment factor of our game artwork and screenshots, we were also able to use the LEGO brand to create beautifully shot photographs of LEGO Hulk in partnership with GameStop. This campaign "Hulk's Journey through NYC" portrayed LEGO Hulk's adventures through New York City and drove high pre-order numbers through our retail partner. Fans loved the content and we were again able to reach an audience outside of our primary demographic. Examples can be found on the GameStop Facebook page. Immense reactions from our fans: @mattgnosis When i was a kid I dreamed of a video game that would give me control of the marvel U characters. Dreams come true. Thank you @LEGOMarvel @d21beast Really? I can play as Havok and fly the Blackbird (X-Jet)?! Thank you @LEGOMarvel! If only this game could last forever. @doctor_spidey Reason #107 why I love @LEGOMarvel: while destroying things & causing general chaos in NYC as Hulk, a NPC says, "Tell my mother I love her!" @realslimcavery I'm fighting Elektra in Kingpin's tower as Daredevil... I love @LEGOMarvel more than I love most people right now. @tasundwall4310 Thank you @LEGOMarvel for an amazing experience. Tons of fun and replay levels are very high! @philsbarnett Dear @arthur_parsons and the rest of the #LEGOMarvel team. From what I've seen online, LEGOMarvel looks perfect. Thank you for this. @tommyjh4 The only game I've ever been able to play as my favourite supehero! Thank you Lego Marvel #Hawkguy @bunny_snuggler Dear Marvel Lego, thank you! The kids now know who the Silver surfer and Galactus are. @_jesus_chris_ Lego Marvel just made a Pulp Fiction reference. That's the single greatest thing ever. Thank you.

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes


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