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Finalist in Kickstarter of the Year

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Joey Richter and friends bring you a magical comedy about a group of slacker roommates - one of whom is a genie. Craig the Genie is an episodic comedy series written by Brandon Blanks and Jordan P. Kelley that follows Pat (Patrick McLaughlin), a slacker/history buff attempting to reform his ways in order to responsibly transition into adulthood. However, his good intentions are often thwarted as he is frequently tempted and tested by his roommate and former genie, Craig (Joey Richter). Craig is anything but your typical genie. Regularly donning beanies and tank tops and constantly sporting a four-day-old beard, Craig is the proverbial king of sloth. While Craig may have a genie's magic powers, his wherewithal and general inability to use his magic properly causes problems for himself, Pat, and their other happy-go-lucky roommate, Googol (Andrew James Parkhill). Craig's antics inadvertently help and hinder Pat's attempts to get his life together, creating the push and pull that drives the series. It's one part Workaholics, one part Wilfred, and just a dash of National Treasure.