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3rd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Categories

See below for official categories. The final entry deadline is September 20th, 2018.

The 11th Annual Shorty Awards will open for entries on October 22nd, 2018.

From the 5th Annual Shorty Awards

The Revolution in the Dairy Aisle Goes Social

Finalist in Customer Service

About this entry

Creating a revolution in the dairy aisle and online, Chobani’s social media is as much about connecting with fans as it is about customer service. Making a point to respond to every customer inquiry, Chobani delivers the best online experience for consumers engaging far beyond their favorite flavors. With a social footprint that includes two Facebook pages and two blogs (Chobani and Chobani Champions), three Twitter handles (Chobani, Chobani Champions and Chobani SoHo), Pinterest, Instagram and Google+, you could say Chobani, the maker of America’s #1 selling yogurt, has a passion for social.For Chobani’s 51K followers on Twitter, 613K fans on Facebook, 42K followers on Pinterest, and 16K followers on Instagram, the team at Chobani strives to ensure the message and approach are aligned with Chobani’s nothing but good values and speak in an authentic, inviting, quirky, yet casual tone. Chobani fans are just like good friends, and it’s is reflected in the team’s voice and the importance placed on two-way communication with their communities. Chobani treats each engagement as a chance to build fan loyalty. With an open and welcome approach to social media, Chobani gained better understanding of what makes people tick and their passion points for interaction – favorite flavors, inspirations, new usage occasions, areas of improvement; the list is endless. Chobani works to take full advantage of this opportunity to learn more about their consumers and help make them feel nothing but good. In addition to developing unique content to distribute across all channels, Chobani’s social media team works around the clock to ensure fans are always feeling engaged. By believing that anyone communicating through social media platforms is an influencer, whether they have following of 2 or 20K, Chobani responds to EACH and EVERY tweet containing ‘Chobani’– good, bad, funny, personal. Chobani believes that a little personal acknowledgement goes a long way to creating “Chobani-acs," one cup at a time. Typically, the brand sees 2K+ tweets a day and their Instagram audience is growing rapidly. In January 2012, Chobani gained more than 4K followers from consistent engagement and structured giveaways. Similarly, both the team and the content are expanding every day, from one person in 2011 to nine team members today, and it’s still growing. Content is produced through “Creation Hours" and Chobani Kitchen shoots where the Chobani team collaborates to produce and create content for recipes, and other community inspired creations. Tasting is believing and through social media Chobani is able to identify those who haven’t tried the product and provides the opportunity to put Chobani cups in their fridges. Through the diverse landscape of Chobani’s social media presence, they not only can cast a wide net in terms of number of consumers reached, but also diversify the experience based on community and Chobani brand, whether it’s a motivational quote on Facebook, an engaging dialogue with a fellow Tweeter or learning about what inspires followers through Pinterest.

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