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3rd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Categories

See below for official categories. The final entry deadline is September 20th, 2018.

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From the 5th Annual Shorty Awards

Social Media Hub

Finalist in Small Agency

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Have you ever met with a social media agency that said that they are the best at building a fan base on Facebook? Or another that said that they have excellent ways of engaging with fans? It's not just about fans, conversations, or reach. Social Media Hub is not just a social media agency. We help companies increase revenue and decrease marketing expenses on social media. We are most famous for helping Qatar Airways generating approximately 7 figures of revenue in 48 hours on Facebook. This campaign won runner up for Travel+Leisure's SMITTYs "Best Social Media Promotion by a Global Airline". Social Media Hub should win this award because we measure and translate social efforts and into a language that C-suites understand. It's not just fans, engagement, and reach. It's about leads generated, revenue earned, and marketing expenses saved in our conversations and reports. Results: SolidWorks Asia Pac When the Client joined us, their PTAT score on their facebook page was 0.6%. After 3 months, we increased their PTAT score to 2.8%, a 400% increase. Management wasn't excited, yet. This is the part where we distinguishes ourselves from the rest. The increase in engagement meant that we successfully created approximately owned 480,000 impressions in 3 months. The average cost in acquiring 480,000 impressions in the Client's niche was $160 CPM. Using social, we created a marketing expenses savings of $72,960 in that quarter the Client was with us. That excited the Client's management. Singapore Management University When the Client came onboard to launch their bi-annual global business plan competition, they were scarred. Their previous social media agency gave them a splashy strategy and an iPhone application. Results? Zero submissions from social. A very bad investment. "Social media is a dud channel for us," the Client said. "This better work." Our solution to our Client was to hyper target their prospects. After identifying their prosects, we used Facebook's advertising platform to create highly specific ad groups focused on the top 1200 universities globally. The ad strategy generated 3.8 million impressions targeted at their prospects. Next, we mixed social media marketing with email marketing. We collected their prospects' email addresses and continually educated the prospects on how to create good proposals. We also gave them tips on the submission process to augment the submission numbers. The 3 month global blitz derived these results: Social grew from 0% contribution to the submission numbers last year to 83% of the number of entries submitted this year. Because of social media marketing, the organization also surpassed their secondary KPIs of increasing number of institutions and countries submitting a business plan. The above case studies are not unusual. From the results, we transform the mental models of management when it comes to Social. And because we transform the mental models of how management views Social, we should win the award.

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