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Reaching Customers Everywhere: How BlackBerry Revolutionized the Way They Do Global Social Support

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How do you ensure evolution and delivery of world class customer care to a global network of more than 27 million followers across multiple platforms? In 2012, BlackBerry® exceeded the challenge of a rising volume of customer service inquiries with increased speed and responsiveness. We rewrote the BlackBerry social customer service playbook to move towards a more efficient model, while ensuring that dramatic changes behind the scenes didn’t negatively impact the service experience for millions of customers. The result? More inquiries answered faster than ever, and many more satisfied BlackBerry customers.BlackBerry’s social support team faced a monumental challenge this year: by fall 2012, our global audience had grown to more than 27 million followers worldwide across more than 80 social media customer touch points. The team faced two challenges: increasing volume of support inquiries on marketing channels globally, as well as higher volume on its own support channels. Between fall 2011 and fall 2012, @BlackBerryHelp’s follower count doubled to one million followers; at the same time the number of inquiries on the BlackBerry Community Support Forums increased by 23%. With the recent launch of BlackBerry® 10, our team had to become faster, more integrated, more consistent, and more global. We achieved this in five ways: 1. BlackBerry social support expanded operating hours on Twitter® to cover 20 hours a day, 6 days a week 2. The team improved the rate of internal communication through automated workflows and notifications so that news could be shared with customers even faster 3. BlackBerry upgraded its service toolkit, launching a support Social Media Management System for coordinated, multi-channel management of social in 40 countries 4. The team expanded the Quality Assurance program so customers can be assured of the best answer for their inquiry 5. The Inside BlackBerry Help Blog produced content faster, publishing 35% more new posts in 2012 than in 2011 – all chock full of solutions for customers’ most common questions Together, these behind-the-scenes improvements led to tangible results for BlackBerry's social customers in 2012: 1. Support teams were active on more than 60 social marketing channels and over 35 countries globally 2. More questions were answered on the international BlackBerry Community Support Forums than ever: 108% more in Spanish and 63% more in Indonesian 3. They were also answered faster: response times improved by between 2% and 29% in 2012 on the various boards in the support forums 4. Twitter users were more satisfied, ranking @BlackBerryHelp more than 300% higher by Net Promoter Score, an industry-standard measure of satisfaction, compared to the beginning of the year; they also left 35% fewer complaints about slow response times 5. @BlackBerryHelp reported 27% more successful resolutions than in 2011 6. We saw an 86% increase in Help Blog page views compared to 2011 The bottom line: as the BlackBerry social customer base grows, so does our team’s commitment to fast, integrated, consistent and global service.

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