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From the 5th Annual Shorty Awards


Finalist in Customer Service

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Today’s consumers are savvy, connected and can easily influence brand and purchase decisions through their social networks. Coupled with the affordability of internet-capable devices and data service rates, mobile internet continues to grow rapidly in the Philippines. According to London-based consultancy firm Trendstream, Philippines has the largest number of people who engage in social media-related activities, relative to the total number of online users in the country (2011). It is no surprise that Globe Telecom’s customers today turn to Twitter to inquire, engage, or even rant about a negative service experience. With a growing customer base of 33.1M mobile and 1.7M broadband subscribers across 3 different brands, how does one keep up, sort and strike meaningful conversation? And, with such an impersonal and corporate branded social front, how does one build lasting relationships with customers online?Today, we receive more “thank you’s" than complaints. With 34k tweets received per month, and 40k responses, we have gained loyal followers and now rank 2nd most influential Twitter account in the country (SocialBaker). That’s because we make extra effort to find tweets, listen and assist. Our turn-around time target of 5 minutes, promises to soon be the world's fastest. In the last 4 months, we averaged 95,681,578 impressions with approx. 3:4 tweets ending as positive commendations. Our 3-pronged strategy: 1. The Big Idea:“Be where customers are" For the first time in this category, we allow customers to do anything they can do through our store/hotline over Twitter. Our social back office training and empowerment, enables us to do complex requests. We have also enabled Direct Message– which most businesses steer clear from because it can go on unmonitored. But, at Globe, we ticket every private conversation and track it until closure. Sweep all searchable spaces; leave no Tweets behind is the game plan, with dynamic keywords, algorithms and rules to zero-in on all conversations about our products. We have a keyword library which we update daily. Customers are delighted whenever we offer assistance before they even get the chance to tell us. 2. Technology Our social ecosystem: Many tools all working together seamlessly 2.1) Radian6 by SalesForce: Listen into all conversations, analyze issues and trends, detect signal coverage issues with geo-location and pass them all into our social conversation and ticketing system 2.2) Twitter GUI, Excel and an army of consultants: Find tweets that have fallen through the cracks and adjust keywords accordingly 2.3) Lithium Social Web: Queue, ticket, and pick up all tweets, group into conversations, assign to a workgroup, keep conversations history, switch seamlessly between public and private message, classify posts by priority, and run a post-transaction survey 3. People who make the difference-“18 hand-picked community specialists, providing 24/7 support"-Our hiring process was similar to “The Glee Project". We helped each member find a niche personality and built on it further. Unlike other corporate brands, we encourage our team to let their personality shine. They can converse with one another and customers about interests that have nothing to do with our products/services. Today, our customers find the manner of engagement more sincere, our apologies and assistance are received with more heartfelt gratitude.

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Today, Globe receives an average of 34,000 tweets a month and releases over 40,000 tweets with a feedback turn-around time target of 5 minutes, which promises to soon be the fastest turn-around time in the world. This volume and reply speed requirement is delivered with the support of a world class tool- Lithium Social Web, allowing Globe to implement an integrated system for Social Networking Sites, agents and community managers for seamless collaboration. Globe is now able to connect with subscribers through a robust workflow management tool which made it possible to achieve an average of 95,681,578 impressions in the last 4 months with close to 3 out of 4 tweets concluding with a positive commendation. Meet our dedicated pool of Twitter Team at http://www.globe.com.ph/twitter-official-accounts.


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