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3rd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Categories

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From the 5th Annual Shorty Awards

Be On The Cover of WWE '13

Finalist in Social Media for Video Games

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To build excitement and anticipation for the launch of WWE ’13, we turned fans into wrestling superstars by putting them on the game’s iconic cover. By developing a simple Facebook application, we gave users the ability to become the game's cover star. The application allowed fans to create highly personalized content to be shared on Facebook’s timeline, as a Facebook cover photo or printed as a physical game sleeve. In the end, the average fan spent a jaw dropping four and a half minutes with the app, generated over a half a million page views and crafted nearly 90,000 pieces of shareable content. The best part: Over 1/3 of all users opted to print out their custom sleeve for use as their personalized WWE ’13 game case.From the start, we were laser-focused on creating a meaningful experience for WWE fans that actually gave them the chance to live out their dream of becoming a wrestling superstar. Working hand in hand with the WWE ’13 marketing team, we built an app that was simple to use, that generated stellar results and that gave fans an easy way to share their customized content online and with their friends in the real world. Using a simple three step process, fans were instructed to use one of their Facebook photos or capture themselves using a webcam. After some quick post processing, minor editing, and the selection of a video game platform, the final game case was generated and could be shared in a multitude of ways. Fans were encouraged to post their personalized game cover on their Facebook timeline, as their Facebook cover photo or even print a custom sleeve to replace the one that came with their copy of WWE ’13. We went as far as to pay special attention to little details that are important to gamers and fans of the brand. Users were given the option to choose their favorite console (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii) and we even localized the app into seven different international regions so that the final product perfectly matched their country’s retail box art and language. Highly personalized content equals highly shareable content. “Be On The Cover of WWE '13" was insanely successful for our client and met their goal of creating viral Facebook shares and building hype. Nearly 90,000 users generated personalized content on Facebook with over 1/ 3 of those users opting to print their custom game sleeve for use in a physical game case. Wrestling fans generated over half a million page views and spent an average of four and a half minutes using the app. This level of excitement and viral sharing helped boost the sales of WWE ’13 well beyond the publisher’s internal expectations and lives on to be one of - if not the most - shareable Facebook campaigns that THQ and WWE launched.

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