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Special Project

Special Project
From the 5th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

We Save Balls

Winner in Comedy Video

Gold Honor in Humor


MANSCAPED + Testicular Cancer Society bring you the We Save Balls campaign using humor to break-through and engage in order to increase AWARENESS for testicular cancer, the #1 cancer for males 15-35.

Background: MANSCAPED is a new company taking the men’s grooming world by storm by developing the best in class below-the-waist trimming and grooming tools. MANSCAPED uses humor to engage, connect, and break down walls on taboo subjects like manscaping. MANSCAPED’s target audience is males 18-35 and they have strategically partnered with the Testicular Cancer Society to raise awareness for the most common form of cancer affecting men ages 15-35. Together, they are raising awareness using humor to educate men on how to check themselves for this highly treatable form of cancer.

MANSCAPED’s Brand Cause: We Save Balls. By providing men with tools featuring SkinSafe Technology to groom their groin area MANSCAPED is literally saving balls. By partnering with the Testicular Cancer Society to raise awareness for this form of cancer and encourage self-checks, MANSCAPED and TCS are saving lives.

Calls to Action

KPIs for Success:

Strategy and Execution

MANSCAPED was looking to significantly increase awareness for testicular cancer by making a splash in April with its We Save Balls campaign and partnership with TCS.

In order to create a campaign that would go viral, they needed an Integrated Marketing Campaign Strategy across their digital platforms Owned, Paid, Social Media and PR. The MANSCAPED Marketing Team was excited to get behind the brand cause and create awareness. MANSCAPED has built a strong marketing platform, the company is highly digital, and is setting the tone for what it means to create and push out digital content successfully.

One of the pillars of the MANSCAPED brand vision is to use that digital marketing platform for causes affecting men’s health, and testicular cancer is the first of many causes they plan to promote.

Integrated Marketing Campaign Strategy

  1. Create a clear brand experience on owned media platforms
    1. MANSCAPED built a dedicated landing page for the campaign, educating visitors on the partnership with TCS
    2. MANSCAPED sent multiple emails to their list of consumers to raise awareness for testicular cancer
  2. Create a viral social media movement to increase awareness
    1. MANSCAPED created a humorous video to educate men about testicular cancer and how to check themselves
    2. MANSCAPED used both paid and organic social media accounts on FB, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube to create a movement for the We Save Balls campaign
    3. Influencers were asked to wear the campaign-specific purple We Save Balls shirts and hold a MANSCAPED newspaper that states “We Save Balls”. They were asked to drive traffic to the Check Yo’ Self video and the TCS website.
  3. Build goodwill to encourage brand advocacy
    1. Post-Purchase Offer for all MANSCAPED consumers to learn about TCS and Donate
    2. Public Relations Press Release announcing the campaign and shedding light on the important partnership and cause


MANSCAPED is extremely proud of the work they’ve done with the Testicular Cancer Society. Together they have proven that doing good is also good for business. The pro bono campaign was a huge success, they were able to gain vast awareness with a comedic video and social media push with Influencers to raise awareness within their target demographic about this ball busting disease!




Video for We Save Balls

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MANSCAPED & Testicular Cancer Society


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