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Treehugger’s mission is “Sustainability for All,” which is a simple, clear mission statement that everyone should feel and experience access to sustainable living solutions. Launched in 2004, Treehugger intended early-on to make it easier for consumers to shift buying decisions in a greener direction by making it convenient to research and purchase environmental yet compelling products and services. 

Its secondary goal was to help influence designers, manufacturers and retailers to incorporate both good modern design and environmental responsibility in their offerings.

For nearly 2 decades, Treehugger has stayed true to those aims while also expanding the site to offer instruction, inspiration, opinion, and community – all for the goal of raising environmental awareness and demonstrating how to live within the planet’s means – sustainability for all, and saving the planet while we’re at it.

Strategy and Execution

As the first modern green living site, Treehugger has always been a pioneer in making sustainability stylish and mainstream. We have done this in grassroots style, with:

In 2019, Dotdash acquired Treehugger and merged the site with Mother Nature Network, combining two of the largest and most-visited online networks for news and information related to the environment and responsible living. With the two sites’ histories, combined teams, content libraries, and the resources of Dotdash, Treehugger is on track to become the best and biggest sustainability website available.


Knowing that one of the greatest threats to human life and equality is climate change and environmental degradation, Treehugger was founded in 2004 to get a head start on manufacturing change among consumers. Nearly 2 decades later, its focus and mission remain more critical than ever. In 2019, Treehugger attracted Dotdash, the largest and fastest growing digital publisher, who immediately recognized the importance of amplifying the site as an online destination. 

Beyond perfecting 20,000+ articles about sustainability, reaching more than 120 million readers every year, and achieving a 1.7 million follower count on social media, Treehugger inspires everyone it touches to facilitate change. Following its acquisition of Treehugger, Dotdash pledged to commit to the most sustainable practices possible in its offices and operations, as well as applying a theme and focus on sustainability across all 12 of its brands, lead by best practices recommended by Treehugger. 

With a new commitment to the best possible content, the fastest site, and the most respectful ad experiences on the web empowered by the resources at Dotdash’s disposal, Treehugger is on track to become the biggest sustainability site on the web, with the ability to spread its mission and values to a wider audience than ever before, in need of learning how to live within Earth’s means.


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