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Thrive Market's COVID-19 Relief Fund

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In an effort to help those hit the hardest by the Coronavirus pandemic, Thrive Market put a COVID-19 Relief Fund in place to provide access to healthy living for those affected by the pandemic.

Staying true to Thrive Market’s core mission to make healthy living easy and accessible for everyone, the brand launched this Relief Fund for medical professionals, first responders, at-risk communities and immunocompromised individuals for whom leaving the house may not be an option and families or individuals whose health or financial stability has been affected by COVID-19. Every paid membership sponsors one for those in need, helping to provide access for all, one member at a time.

The complimentary memeberships and grocery stipends enacted by the Fund feed directly back into the fabric of the country, offering heightened access to heathly living for those whose lives have been upended by the virus.

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Strategy: Thrive Market's COVID-19 Relief Fund strategy isn't so much of a strategy, but more of an effort to serve as resource for those affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Armed with the belief that access to healthy food is a basic human right, Thrive Market placed an emphasis on garnering stipends from its 1-million-member customer base in order to create this resouce. As such, Thrive Market's unique membership model serves as the mechanism for this give-back iniative. To note, member donations were supported by Thrive Market's Co-Founder + CEO Nick Green's 2020 salary donation to the Fund in an effort to further commit to furthering food access among those who need it most.

Implementation + Key Features: Available via donation-at-checkout, the Relief Fund allows Thrive Market customers to give back directly at checkout to support access to healthy food. The fund supports free memeberships + grocery stipends to those who qualify (e.g. first reponders, loss of income, etc.) in order to provide peace of mind and access to healthy groceries at the click of a button.

Of note, Thrive Market took their mission + strategy one step further my hiring stipend recipient Larissa Rogers, a single-mother of one who lives with her son Kai and dog Lulu in rural Fredericksburg, Texas. Larissa’s Relief Fund submission video was so emotionally raw and moving that Thrive Market decided to hire her instead. Larissa described her struggles as she lost two jobs back to back due to COVID-19 and her dedication in avoiding her or Kai visiting her mother down the road, to ensure her health wasn’t risked, as she suffers from a lung disease. Thrive Market decided to hire Larissa in order to ensure she would never have to worry when the grocery stipend ran out and enable her with a stable job to provide for her, her son, their pet and immune-compromised mother.











In four months, Thrive Market has raised $1 million to support COVID-19 relief. On average, Thrive members donate roughly $30,000 a month—so this tremendous work is due to the generosity of the Thrive community. They’re the companies heroes and continue to fuel the brand's impact. By the numbers, $1 million means:

Thrive Market is proud of the generosity of their member base (& CEO!) as the brand looks to make a tangible impact among communities hardest hit by Coronavirus.



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