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Goalcast best in news and media

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Sensationalism and fear is not what will make this world a better place. Goalcast bravely stands against the tide and tells the stories that seldom make traditional news. We share the stories that highlight the beauty of humanity, the inspiring acts of every-day heroes and the possibilities that lie on the other side of fear. After watching our content, instead of feeling deflated by what’s happening in the world, our audience knows unequivocally that they are in control of their lives and feel like they can do anything.

Goalcast’s objective is to become the world’s leading source of empowering short form content and we’re on a mission to disrupt the media industry by putting positivity at the forefront. Empowering people to pursue their greatness is what drives our every decision and we will not stop until humanity has realized its full potential.

Strategy and Execution

Our goal is to amplify views and boost our content’s impact far past curation and creation. We rely mostly on organic reach and cross-pollination and aim to ensure that we are hitting the right audience with universal topics. Furthermore, we are trying to push past the boundaries of our own audience by adding layers of unique views from partner collaborations where we have aligned ourselves with like-minded publishers who are eager to help push our stories to their audiences. Regular audits of our content is a key part of our strategy where we assess impact, identify content gaps and plan for repurposing. At this time our main focus is Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


For Goalcast, global impact is the only result that matters. We are only as successful as our audience. We want to reach the masses and spark moments of cathartic transformation that catapult them into the next stage of their evolution. Our success is measured by our reach, our minutes viewed and our ability to empower our audience to make positive changes in their lives.

Community reach: 35 million people worldwide

Minutes viewed in 2020 so far: 3.8B

Audience impact:

“Goalcast thank you for your commitment to being a light by uplifting and showing the human spirit. We so need this in our world.” - Anson 

“Very inspiring. The school system could learn something from this message. Teaching a sense of pride, honour, self-discipline and self worth could definitely change the direction the way society is headed.” - Gordon Parke 

“OMG YES!! This should be broadcast on national television! To encourage wellness through isolation! Love it!” - Shazz Cantwell


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