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Special Project

Special Project
From the 5th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

AARP's The Perfect Scam Podcast

Winner in Podcast


Fraud, already a billion dollar a year industry, has grown exponentially during the pandemic. AARP is dedicated to fighting back by educating people of all ages on new and ongoing forms of fraud. As part of a larger fraud prevention initiative "The Perfect Scam" podcast’s blend of expert interviews and in-depth first person accounts from fraud victims is designed to create compelling content that both engages and informs listeners.

Strategy and Execution

Research has shown that if you know about a specific scam​, you are 80% less likely to engage with the scammer​, and if you do engage, you are 40% less likely to fall victim​. By showcasing many different types scams in The Perfect Scam podcast, AARP is helping to inoculate people against these scams in the future. Since scams and fraud can happen to anyone, we aim to reach a wide audience with the podcast, including AARP members and non-members, people with a specific interest in scams and true crime, and those who may simply enjoy compelling storytelling.   


The Perfect Scam podcast has reached millions of listeners, educating them on fraud prevention and resources for victims of fraud. The podcast has also increased traffic to AARP’s Fraud Watch Network Helpline (a free resource for AARP members and nonmembers alike) that provides callers with information on how to protect themselves and their families from fraud, as well as the Fraud Watch Network Scam-Tracking Map, where users can report fraud in their area.


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AARP Studios


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