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Reach Dr Beach

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About this entry and Mental Reality were developed to promote mental wellness and create a safe space where all mental health topics could be covered in an open and honest way. Mental health is often approached from a very clinical perspective, but Dr. Beach wanted to offer a different platform and mindset by talking to real people — those who have first-hand experience and who are actively working to find real solutions. 

Mental Illness affects nearly 47 million people in the U.S. alone and many other critical societal issues are directly related to mental illness, such as crime, homelessness, addiction, suicide, and the breakdown of the family structure. As a renowned forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Beach tackles the important impacts of mental illness each and every day by donating his time and expertise to foster hope and promote pathways to mental wellness. Dr. Beach helps those who are suffering as well as those who are directly or indirectly impacted by mental illness. In so doing, he removes the barriers associated with seeking treatment and reduces mental health stigma. Because if we all feel better, we can all live better

Through his outreach via his website, social media outlets, YouTube channel, webinars, and podcasts, Dr. Beach has three main objectives:

ENGAGE — Reach as many people as possible so that no one feels alone‚Äč.

EDUCATE — Teach others to look for signs and symptoms to enable early intervention.

EMPOWER — Provide coping techniques and treatment options to help people be their best self.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Strategy: To promote mental wellness and remove the barriers associated with seeking treatment through outreach.

Expand our reach. Dr. Beach’s passion is to promote mental wellness and remove the barriers associated with seeking treatment. He believes that it is critical to address the root cause of problems instead of attempting to fix the results of those causes. His approach and strategy is to reach out to as many people as possible through social media, YouTube, speaking engagements, podcasts, and webinars and expose challenging topics such as of homelessness, suicide, drug addiction, prostitution, and human-trafficking. He believes that you need to understand why people ended up in adverse situations in the first place and treat the cause not the effect. He gets to the heart of these issues by openly engaging with real people and having real conversations.

Engage the people. Much of the reason that he’s able to get people to be open and honest is because Dr. Beach isn’t your everyday forensic psychiatrist and mental health professional.  He is relatable, compassionate, respectful and willing to share his own family history of mental illness.  Dr. Beach travels to meet people in their own environment — where they feel comfortable. He treats everyone equally and shows compassion and respect for the men and women in our society that too often are ignored.  For that reason, he is able to get people to be honest and speak openly about their personal histories.  Whether he is interviewing former prostitutes, victims of stalkers, or those who have lost a family member to suicide, he is able to approach the topic with both dignity and empathy.

Educate. Dr. Beach also tackles subjects that may be in the news every day but approaches them in a unique way.  He gets as many perspectives as possible from people he meets in his everyday life.  He will ask an Uber driver what he thinks about cell phone addiction or approach tourists in San Diego to get their opinion about how body image affects women or discuss with a couple at the beach how they cope with jealousy in their relationship.

Whether it’s through impromptu conversations in an Uber, or podcasts, YouTube videos, email, or social media, the common denominator is that Dr. Beach always approaches topics in an authentic and relatable way to ensure that the largest possible audience can have access to emotional support and mental health education.

YouTube channel reachdrbeach

Podcast "Mental Reality with Dr. Beach." 

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Our success is not measured on the quantity of people we reach, but on the quality with which we reach them. Convincing even one person to seek treatment, or helping someone to understand that they are not alone in the way they feel — is how we measure our results. This “passion project” has been done pro-bono by Dr. Beach and his marketing team; all donating their time and commitment to helping build awareness and diminish the stigma around mental health issues and build a pathway to mental wellness.

In just one year, we have been able to achieve the following measurable results:

YouTube — 0 to 3.1k subscribers

Instagram — 0 to 11.6k followers

Podcast — 4.5 k listens

Facebook — 5k connections

Dr. Beach has also been recognized by other mental health professionals, university experts, authors, and directors to collaborate on critical topics, and who are particularly interested in working with him because of his unique approach and commitment to building awareness in the industry. Prior to him launching this program, the mental health community was missing a resource that was truly authentic.  Dr. Beach doesn’t sugarcoat any of the topics or filter the feedback that he gets from real people who are telling their stories. And, it’s the recognition and respect from these real people, that is the real result that matters.


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