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Special Project

Special Project
From the 5th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards


Finalist in Animations

Entered in Mental Health


Despite millions of people around the world suffering from mental health disorders there lingers outdated stigma, fear, and silence surrounding it. This is a huge barrier to effective treatment, allowing people to build better lives. Awareness has never been more vital than now, particularly with COVID-19 and the worldwide feeling of unease that’s created a heightened amount of fear, stress, and anxiety.

The goal behind the Mindfull campaign was to use the scale of our 214 million-strong Facebook Group to build awareness around mental health, help destigmatize it, and give support to our community. We accomplished this through creating a content series about well-being and mental health to help our community get through the pressures of sheltering in place.

Strategy and Execution

Through research we narrowed in on three key COVID-19 related areas that our community said they were struggling with, and these became the foundations of our campaign:

This led to Mindfull: Find Your Calm and Focus. 

Collaborating with experts in their field, we worked with Mindfulness & Meditation Coaches, Psychiatrists, and Relationship Gurus in Facebook Groups, to create a social campaign that served up helpful solutions that people could implement in real time, like a virtual class.

Each mental exercise was recorded, then brought to life with bespoke graphics that reflected the instructions given by the Facebook community member, celebrating the outcome of each exercise. Calm, soothing and relaxing, with the help of animation we designed the visual aesthetic to be as relaxing and as helpful as exercise itself - so that the viewer could easily follow along at home.

Social Content Films which offer mindfulness, relaxation and breathing exercises.

ASMR Sensory Posts. Never been done before, looping “Sensory Posts” were created to help the audience relax.

Compliment Card and Hivemind Static Posts for our audience to share with their friends.

Sticker Pack. 

Calming, soothing and unwinding, the result was a  social content series delivered to our audience in a form they’d never seen before from /facebook app.


This campaign resulted in 21K likes, 4K reactions, 5K re-shares, and 2.3K comments. With so much work to be done in the space of destigmatizing mental health we will continue to release more self-care tips. Stay tuned! 


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