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Special Project

Special Project
From the 5th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards


Finalist in TikTok


We're inspiring people to give a sh*t! We use our voice to spread optimism and empowerment, to call out the greenwashers and to celebrate inclusivity in every eco-forward step. We’re sowing the seeds of sustainability by creating and sharing inspiring, purpose-driven and solution-oriented stories and promoting brands that are helping to make a difference.

Strategy and Execution

Strategy: To share critically important, sometimes complicated, sometimes hard-to-hear information in the form of accessible, snackable, visually stimulating content

🌱 We make important information about climate change as accessible as possible to as many people as possible

🌱 We problem-solve, highlighting realistic solutions to everyday eco dilemmas

🌱 We promote environmental-mindfulness in every action 

🌱 We educate our audience, always from a place of non-judgment

🌱 We celebrate the journey towards sustainability as well as the wins, big and small 

🌱 We're building an inclusive, encouraging community that thinks critically 

🌱 We ensure accuracy in all the information we share, focusing on substance and depth of research



Waste-Ed's TikTok page has the highest engagement rate among eco channels and peers. With 61 million views in 9 months, our success has been meteoric. Our host Shashi Mostafa was named one of Climate Tracker's 5 Sustainability TikTok Creators You Should Follow, and host Elliott Norris has become a cult favorite by taking on the challenge to test out plant-based food, going plastic-free, and experimenting with homemade zero-wase beauty products. 


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