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Special Project

Special Project
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Eos Bioreactor

Finalist in Artificial Intelligence

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Earth doesn’t have an O2 problem. It has a CO2 problem.

At Hypergiant Industries, the AI products and solutions company, solving the world’s biggest problems is our mission. That includes solving problems related to climate change, space exploration, and protecting the infrastructure that makes human life possible.

It is clear that the world is in need of large-scale action to be taken quickly in an effort to combat the pollution being generated on a daily basis and changing climate because of it. More and more people are gathering at conferences to find urgent solutions which will have long-lasting, but positive effects on reversing the current problems associated with rising carbon dioxide levels and the unsettling specter of global warming.

While many people are making concerted efforts to radically adjust their lifestyles and reverse the damage already done, only a clearer understanding of all the natural and industrial processes associated with carbon levels will lead to better results. Carbon sequestration is little-known by most, but it is the most effective way to combat these challenging problems, and algae is currently the most effective way of doing so.

Hypergiant launched the Eos Bioreactor, a green energy solution that captures and sequesters carbon from the atmosphere using algae. This device uses AI to optimize algae growth, carbon capture and algae output creating a product that is more sustainable, efficient, manageable and smaller in size than other bioreactor prototypes.

Strategy and Execution

Hypergiant’s R&D team designed a holistic energy concept to solve the CO2 problem by sequestering carbon more rapidly and more efficiently than trees - as each super-boosted algae bioreactor is 400 times more effective at capturing carbon than trees in the same unit area. And by using machine intelligence to constantly monitor and manage air flow, amount and type of light, available CO2, temperature, pH, biodensity, and harvest cycles, we maintain perfect conditions for maximum carbon sequestration. The Eos Bioreactor measures 3-feet-by-3-feet-by-7-feet and is designed to fit in small spaces, including offices and homes. 

With the debut of Eos Generation 2, Hypergiant has passed a significant milestone in the fight against climate change. 

Algae-based biomaterials have the potential to bring about a seismic shift in the way we think about our supply chains. As algae grows, it absorbs CO2 and light and creates biomass. This versatile material can have many uses, including carbon negative or neutral foods, fuels, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, textiles, as well many more uses we have yet to discover.

By harnessing the power of algal biomass and its many uses, we can greatly reduce our reliance on petroleum products, conventional fertilizers, and vast array of other ecologically damaging products and processes. But in order to make a real impact, we need to position algae at the center of a new hyperlocal, distributed supply chain. With Eos Generation 2, this is finally possible due to myriad improvements across all systems that dramatically improve system stability and autonomy, and lower costs.

Eos has always represented a new horizon in the fight to reduce human activity related emissions, and since the debut of the first Eos units, Hypergiant’s R&D team has been diligently working to improve on every aspect of those early systems. Together, these improvements meant that Eos stands to significantly expand the number of potential use cases for algae-based technology by eliminating the need for expensive monitoring and maintenance procedures while increasing productivity.  

The unique innovations that power Generation 2 of Eos mean that algae is now smarter, cheaper, more efficient, more autonomous and most importantly, ready to adopt across a broader spectrum of uses thanks to improvements to ease manufacturing, improve automation, and increase efficiency. 

Notable improvements in Eos Gen 2:


Hypergiant launched the Eos Bioreactor to critical and industry acclaim and it is now being considered for use by five nations, a number of cities, and lauded by the head of the UN COP26 committee. 

Within the first week, Hypergiant saw 30K impressions on social media and reached an estimated 18.5 million through influencer engagement. In the first month, Hypergiant garnered 39 organic press mentions and features. 

Since our ability to affect change is driven by our ability to understand our impact, Hypergiant believes the future of climate change solutions must be highly connected and data-driven. Hypergiant’s bioreactor comes paired with a mobile application that provides status of the bioreactor, detects anomalies, and provides current and historical reporting of CO2 sequestration and biomass production. A cloud-based infrastructure can then connect multiple bioreactors, allowing them to learn from each other, optimize for new environments, and provide global insights.

Hypergiant cares about “tomorrowing today” and is building towards this bigger vision of collecting data from the interconnected network of algae reactors to globally communicate and continuously optimize devices.


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