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Built By Girls set up this event for young professionals to learn important networking tips and tric

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Verizon Media brands In The Know and Built by Girls partnered to cover the Built by Girls networking event, "Girl, You Better {net}Work," a night focused on teaching young professionals important career tips and tricks. The workshop was hosted at NYC’s Verizon Media office where Verizon Media staff volunteered to mentor high school and college-aged students in “speed interviews." Our objective was to emphasize the importance of equal opportunities for young women and students.

In The Know is committed to telling diverse and empowering stories that highlight all persons, no matter their race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. She's In The Know is dedicated to women-adjacent content and continuously elevates our women subjects from around the globe and within internal collaborations with Built By Girls.

Strategy and Execution

Gender equality: 

We chose to cover this mini-conference because it aligns with our Gen-Z and Millennial brand motto which is to tell groundbreaking stories that matter to them. This workshop was geared to train young women and non-binary students on what it takes to achieve your highest potential in your professional career. According to a study conducted by, women are 30% less likely to be considered for a hiring process than men. It is our job as storytellers and content creators at In The Know to give people, especially children and adolescents, the proper tools and equal opportunities to succeed. 

Amplify Diverse Voices:

We believe that it is vital to seek out video subjects from all areas and backgrounds so that hopefully our audience can resonate with at least one of them and see that they, too, have what it takes to accomplish their goals. 

During the production process of this piece, we sought out a diverse group of young professionals at the "Girl, You Better {net}Work" to speak on camera. Some students expressed that they have a lot to learn and that’s why they were happy to be in attendance, and others who explained they were first-generation students and their only way of exposure to building lifelong professional skills is at this workshop. 

The mentor volunteer who we spoke with was a 28-year-old Black professional who has worked in media in the past and is now the founder of her own company. 

Social Storytelling:

Covering a professional event has an unusual storytelling process compared to your everyday visually-appealing video. We began the piece with a lead that would be relatable for our Gen-Z and Millennial audience. The goal was to hook them and leave them interested in what's coming next. From there, we established the video and took the viewer into the networking event through the lens of the mentor volunteer. The subject begins by explaining that job recruiters “take maybe six seconds and look at a resume,” so what’s to follow is how to attract that recruiters’ attention in that timeframe.

The video used a combination of A-roll and engaging visuals as B-roll as well as motion graphics, voiceovers and transitional background music to aid the videos overall style and flow.


At In The Know, we value all of our internal and external brand relationships. We are proud to have such a strong relationship and work ethic with companies under the Verizon Media umbrella that continuously produce well-rounded video content.


This piece was published on Facebook,, and It generated 2,333,960 views on Facebook and 20,339 views on and It was also featured on Built By Girls.

Beyond numbers, we are proud that we could create a piece that highlight the work that individuals and organizations do to build a more equitable world in every sphere, including the professional one.


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