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TimberTech Environment and Sustainability

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As the industry-leading manufacturer of beautiful, low-maintenance building products, TimberTech is steadfast in their commitment to accelerating the use of recycled materials. Up to 100% of the wood and plastic in the cores of TimberTech capped composite deck boards is made from recycled materials, making the entire board comprised of up to 80% recycled content. Sustainability is literally at our core. 


To help illustrate this to our audience, we turned to our social platforms. TimberTech wanted their audience to have visual representation of the types of recycled materials that go into each product—showing that we are committed to creating better products for a better planet. 

Strategy and Execution

The overall strategy was to hone-in on the key differentiator for TimberTech, something that we know is important to our audience– sustainable, environmentally-friendly decking. Social media allowed a vehicle to visually communicate the benefits of TimberTech decking on the environment—creating surprising and unexpected combinations of imagery tailor made to give our audience pause as they scrolled through their feed.  Once we had our audience’s attention, we hit them with the facts—made all the more palatable by our conversational and unconventional voice. 


TimberTech Sustainability posts delivered 90,469 reach across 12 sustainability focused posts, driving a $1.17 cost-per-click (20% below the benchmark).

The engagement rate was 19%, 22x higher than the industry benchmark. 

Our most recent sustainability blog post content has seen the strongest return, delivering over 6x the click through than our other sustainability content, including videos and static posts. 


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Two by Four, TimberTech


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