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Special Project

Special Project
From the 4th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

X-Ray Fashion

Gold Honor in Virtual Reality


X-Ray Fashion was conceived to educate industry leaders, consumers and policy makers about the effects of the garment industry on the environment. The fashion industry is the second largest contaminant in the world, due to the ever-increasing clothing production. We want to use VR as a tool to focus on the issue of fast fashion and raise public awareness of consumer habits by not only showing them, but also make them physically feel the consequences of clothing purchasing habits regardless of its origin.

Strategy and Execution

To support our goal of educating our target audience, we created an experience that would immerse these viewers into the issue, using multi-sensory technology to leave a more lasting impression. 

As we designed X-Ray Fashion, we chose to take users through the different stages of garment manufacturing including production, consumption and disposal, to show the devastating consequences affecting both humans and the environment. From the overworked cotton fields to the dyeing vats that color local waterways, and the sweatshops to landfills of discarded clothes, the experience pulls back the curtain to reveal the dark side of the fashion industry. 

Told through the voice of renowned fashion photographer and film director Francesco Carrozzini, viewers are guided through the live-action 360 video and CGI room-scale environments during 15 minutes of uninterrupted immersion. This is married with a 49 meter installation that the player moves through barefoot, which includes wind, heat and different ground textures to provide visceral sensations. Using these tech tools enabled us to more fully realize our goal of shedding light on the environmental and labor workforce sufferings that are still taking place. 

After creating the experience itself, we designed a strategy to get it in front of top decision makers, implementing a location-based event plan at multiple locations around the world.


X-Ray Fashion has been showcased at numerous fashion conferences, festivals and museums presenting the opportunity for companies and employees to engage with fashion’s most under-discussed issue: fast fashion. We wanted to show the installation at events worldwide where key industry members, consumers and policymakers would be able to experience it and then drive change. With this new medium, we put these targeted audience members eye-to-eye with the supply chain, and gathered feedback and evidence of the experience’s tangible effects. Through surveys we were able to conclude that X-Ray was able to change both minds and perspectives on sustainable fashion. 95% of those surveyed at the last showing shared that XRAY impacted them personally, and 80% said it changed their view, making them more concerned with sustainable fashion. 


Past showings:

Sourcing at MAGIC: Las Vegas, NV 

Qatar Museum Gallery, Al Riwaq 

UN Environmental Assembly: Nairobi, Kenya 

Sourcing at MAGIC: Las Vegas, NV 

ReMode: Los Angeles, CA 

Venice Film Festival: Venice, Italy


Video for X-Ray Fashion

Entrant Company / Organization Name

MANND, Connect4Climate, Vulcan Productions, Alcantara, Molamil, Awe


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