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Special Project

Special Project
From the 4th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

Helping Teens Experience Happiness.

Winner in Music & Dance


When school is in session, teens are the most stressed group in the United States.  To address this issue, LG developed the Life’s Good: Experience Happiness platform and set an initial goal to reach 5.5 million teens over 5 years with Sustainable Happiness Skills, a tool kit identified by LG’s partner the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley.


To commemorate the UN International Day of Happiness on March 20, 2018, LG announced they had reached 1.8 million kids and partnered with Daybreaker to celebrate at One World Observatory, the top of the World Trade Center in New York City.  Engaging with the Daybreaker community, social influencers and students across the United States, LG highlighted the benefits of dance and its connection to Sustainable Happiness to encourage teens, educators and parents to learn more about the journey to Sustainable Happiness.    


The highlight of the event, attended by 400 Daybreakers and headlined by Instagram star Donte Colley and Glee’s Matthew Morrison, was a performance by ten students from the Greenburgh North-Castle school district in New York.  This district hosts 4 alternative junior/high schools, providing individualized curriculum to students who have found little success elsewhere.  Having just begun their Sustainable Happiness journey with Experience Happiness partner Project Happiness, they were surprised by Morrison and Luam Ky, choreographer to Beyoncé, who taught them the Experience Happiness dance moves.  Ticket sales were donated to Inner Explorer which brought its Mindfulness platform to the students in Paradise, California as they recovered from devastating wildfires.

Strategy and Execution

LG’s authentic and credible positioning backing the Experience Happiness platform was developed based on their commitment to partnering with experts in the field of social emotion wellbeing and youth education.  Expertise, true alignment on goals and strong partnership are the keys to success and the overarching Matchfire strategy for this campaign matched those objectives.   Develop close bonds with organizations, communities and individuals which were naturally, authentically and credibly aligned with the LG Experience Happiness initiative.  Matchfire leveraged its audience intelligence platform to review LG consumer databases and identify partners and influencers which matched specific LG audience personas as well as personas identified as specifically fitting the beneficiary audience (parents and educators).


Through this alignment, Matchfire was able to pair LG with partners including Daybreaker which have communities aligned with the LG brand direction and social impact cause.  This led to the ability to organically amplify the reach of the campaign through earned media and social media extension.  The organic social sharing and earned media significantly expanded the reach of LG’s Sustainable Happiness awareness message. 


LG engaged a significant number of communities in the event through authentic and credible activation that was focused on delivering value and inspiration to all those involved, not simply awareness of the brand mission. 


Extending Youth Reach: In addition to the 10 students from the Greenburgh North-Castle school district who participated in the event and the 260 students enrolled in their district, this campaign extended LG’s reach to an additional 200,000 kids across the US bringing LG’s total reach from 1.8 to 2 million youth.


Driving Awareness: This single day event also served to drive awareness that Sustainable Happiness is achievable for kids and adults by engaging thousands in discussion around what truely makes them happy and generating hundreds of millions of PR and social media impressions.


Video for Helping Teens Experience Happiness.

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Matchfire, LG Electronics USA


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