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Special Project

Special Project
From the 4th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards


Finalist in Instagram


The cultural expectations around breastfeeding puts a lot of pressure on new moms: public health groups and health care providers emphasize that "breast is best" for mom and baby, while Instagram and mommy bloggers make the process seem natural, beautiful, and effortless.

But while many moms make the choice to breastfeed, 1 in 4 don't make it past the first 21 days. Of the many barriers to breastfeeding successfully, we found that the most daunting barriers are the lack of support and realistic expectations. In reality, breastfeeding is an unexpected and unique journey for each and every mom. There's no handbook, and many moms give up after hitting the first of few unexpected hiccups.

Medela—the leading breast pump provider in the U.S. and a trusted resource for moms—set out to create a social campaign, #22Victories, mainly executed through Instagram, that directly addressed these false expectations and brought together a community of moms who would rally behind each other.

We wanted to prove that if breastfeeding moms have the right amount of support, education, and encouragement during the first three weeks, they would be able make it to day 22 and continue to breastfeed for as long as they want to.

Strategy and Execution

We launched #22Victories, a social campaign, to provide that support. Knowing that each breastfeeding experience is utterly unique, we needed a campaign that would show the real face of breastfeeding—full of unexpected twists and turns. To achieve this, we wanted to capture moms' breastfeeding experiences in real-time.

We identified and partnered with two real moms, Carolina and MJ, to share the unfiltered, real struggles of those first three weeks from the day gave birth—capturing every little moment, every hiccup, and every tiny victory in between.

Every day for 22 days, we shed light on MJ and Carolina's real breastfeeding experiences by capturing unscripted and unplanned diary-like content and sharing it on our Instagram feed and Stories.

We wanted to leverage our most important asset—the community of moms who have been through the same—by encouraging them to follow along on our Instagram page and become a part of MJ and Carolina's support system during their #22Victories journey. To do that, we prompted our community to share their own unique breastfeeding stories and experiences and provide advice as the two moms went through their first 22 days. Our community did not disappoint. Moms from all over the country flooded our Instagram feed with comments, photos, and messages of support and encouragement.

We chose Instagram Stories as the ideal hub to house all the raw and authentic content created by the two moms—since our audience already seeks out unvarnished, in-the-moment content on the platform.

We used Instagram's "Question Stickers" functionality to ask our followers for advice and to share their own stories and support with Carolina and MJ.

We used Medela's Instagram feed to address the struggles, to reach other moms who may not have seen the campaign and drive them back to it, and to provide content that could live on for future moms to come. For example, using Medela's vast library of breastfeeding resources, we created an illustrated series of tips shared on our Instagram feed and Stories that addressed specific struggles our two moms faced every day.

We saved every story from the two moms on our Instagram Story Highlights section so moms could catch up and the campaign could live on as a resource beyond the 22 days.

We utilized Instagram Story ads to target expecting moms, driving them to our channel and giving them access to the support and community they need during the first weeks and beyond.

A robust paid media plan amplified the campaign to reach pre and post-natal moms across social channels (paid buy of $50k) and reached out to over 200 press outlets.

To keep the conversation going beyond the 22 days, we filmed a retrospective video of two moms' journeys and promoted it on Facebook, Instagram feed, and Instagram Stories ads to direct moms back to our Instagram story Highlights, which housed all of the content from the 22 days.


Inspired by the raw content created for the campaign, 30% of the thousands of comments we received were by moms detailing their own unvarnished stories of the first three weeks of breastfeeding, in hopes that their stories would inspire or comfort others.

Medela's Instagram profile visits increased by 30% during the campaign period. We received a 23% total engagement rate on Medela's owned channels­—two times higher than the industry average.

The average engagement rate on the two moms' content on Instagram outperformed industry benchmarks by 2 times. 90% of all social engagements were views, which came from Instagram Stories posted as an extension of the organic posts. The metrics resulting from this campaign were extremely impressive considering the Instagram Story posts themselves were not promoted through any paid channels.

In the four-month campaign period, we developed and published over 800+ pieces of content on Instagram, receiving over 10 million social media impressions and 1.3 Million engagements. That meant 1 in every 4 moms who saw the #22Victories campaign engaged with it.

Medela's #22Victories campaign successfully helped Carolina, MJ, and moms across the U.S. get to day 22 of breastfeeding and beyond. And most importantly, we proved to mothers that no matter what happens in the first three weeks, or wherever they are in their journey, there's always a community of moms out there who can help turn a struggle into an unexpected victory—as long as they are willing to reach out and share their stories.


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