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From the 3rd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

Partnering With a 17 Year Old Fashion Designer: How Will Gen-Z React To AR?

Winner in Augmented Reality

About this entry

Our key objective was to test how we could utilize Augmented Reality to encourage youth entrepreneurship. Our client, Kim Products, is a Chicago streetwear brand run by 17-year-old Kimisha Moxley. We set out to help brand Moxley's winter collection launch party by creating an Augmented Reality camera lens from various images related to the brand and theme.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

We learned of Kim Products through out 17 year old intern, Matt Smith. We try to focus on balancing our agency's experience with the fresh eyes of youthful collaborators. Kim Product is a brand that's famous in the Chicago teen scene, hosting with events that attract a few hundred attendees in the exact age range of Snapchat's heaviest users. Of Snapchat's 187 million daily active users, more than 70% are 34 years and younger; 45% are between the ages of 18 and 24. After learning about the brand, we decided that the launch of their upcoming collection would be the perfect opportunity to field test Snapchat AR Lens marketing.

We worked with Kim and her team to integrate the early 2000s nostalgia of her collection into the AR Lens - from a piece of vinyl above a model strutting down the runway, to a boombox, to a flip phone, to the event's logo. These animated assets float around the world when the Lens is activated. When recording, attendees hear an instrumental version of Missy Elliott's 2002 hit "Work It" playing over the video. As attendees arrived, they scanned the Snapcode that's only available at the event, and unlocked this unique lens for a limited duration of 24 hours - instantly prompting those at the event to share.

We hoped to use AR to leave a significant amount of impressions on Kim Products's attendees and their networks, providing a more interactive and immersive feel to the event, and also promoting the Kim Products brand to Gen-Z audiences using a novel technique.


The Snapcode was activated 299 times, and attendees posted Snaps from the event to their own stories that were viewed 24,391 times within the 4 hours that the event lasted for. Exponentially magnifying the reach of the event and bringing the the Kim Products to life in a whole new way.


Video for Partnering With a 17 Year Old Fashion Designer: How Will Gen-Z React To AR?

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Midwest Immersive, Kim Products


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