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Special Project

Special Project
From the 3rd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

Woobi Play

Finalist in Environment & Sustainability


Our planet is facing some serious challenges these days. 92% of teh world's population are living with bad air quality. In 2016, UNICEF reported that 300 million children live in areas with the most toxic recorded levels of outdoor air pollution. Each year, more than 600,000 air pollution related deaths in children every year.. The numbers are staggering with more than 10 people are killed every minute, every day.

Woobi offers a solution to improve the living conditions of these kids around the world. This project is a bold shot at designing a simple, new typology that transforms a professional, protective mask to fit into a child's universe.

Woobi Play is designed with a clear focus on creating a simple solution for kids in need of cleaner air - a new high-performance typology within air protection. The mask has a strong and playful character that not only looks different but also performs better than existing products on the market; working to improve the lives of kids around the globe.

Our ultimate aim is to make safe breathing fun for every kid.

Strategy and Execution

We chose to collaborate with Danish industrial design studio Kilo to design an air pollution mask for children. The partnership leverages of the strength of both companies to bring the best of design and technology with a common goal. The mask is designed to meet children at eye-level with a playful, educational approach.

The mask, suitable for kids from 6 years of age, comes disassembled with an educational manual. Woobi's modular system encourages kids and parents to put the parts together, piece by piece, to build the finished product. The interaction helps them to understand the product's functionality and introduces a dialogue on pollution and protection.

The different coloured parts act as a simplifying tool for communication around the product's functionality and allow kids to customize the mask the way they like it, giving them a sense of ownership and autonomy over their own safety.

Woobi Play adopted a patent-pending modular air filtering invention that allows maximum high flow with low resistance. This invention also allows for easy replacement of the micro HEPA air filter and future upgrade with a micro-ventilator fan module.

Woobi Play uses an approved and certified micro high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filter, which is positioned at the side of the mask which filters at least 95% of airborne particulate matter. Compared to more traditional masks on the market which typically hide the face, Woobi's asymmetric design DNA and its translucent, medical-grade silicone structure aims to achieve effective protection while remaining sensitive to the social needs of its users.

In addition, each Woobi Play is manufactured with materials adhere to our sustainability approach so that we have the least impact to the environment.


Woobi Play piloted its launch in China, one of the world's most highly polluted countries, where the increasing air pollution has become a major public health issue. Upon a successful launch, sales quickly rose and to date, more than 100,000 units were sold.

Woobi Play has been picked up by many online media and its share of voice on air-pollution reached throughout the online community especially with parents.

In a short few months after its launch, it had also won awards with recognition for its unique approach to address the issue of air-pollution by offering a simple solution to engage parents and kids through a playful yet education angle.

Our ultimate aim is to work with UNICEF to democratise our design and production so that we can reach 1 million children in 3 years globally.


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Airmotion Laboratories, Kilo Design, Airmotion Laboratories


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