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From the 3rd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards

The Cure, Empowering the Battle Against Cancer

Finalist in Music & Dance

About this entry

In a world where social media is filled with so much negativity, controversial debates and political agendas our team at MusEffect and Muse Media wanted to celebrate the journey of one young Cancer survivor that is enough to inspire your own journey. Dane is a young boy that has the same interests as any other kid his age, playing sports, wrestling with his older brothers but his only hope in the world is to one day be healthy again. This PSA was created to redefine our perspectives on the battle through Cancer. This young warrior is nothing short of extraordinary and this dance film is our visual expression of his beautifully optimistic and euphoric mind set. We aim to expose the Cancer foundation in the final moments of the video that has financially supported Dane's epic journey and encourage others to donate to The Pump Foundation to support Dane and other young warriors.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Our team's strategy in developing this PSA was to first interview Dane, his family and friends to learn more about his extraordinary journey. Once we got to see how truly unique his battle was we aimed to develop a dance film that was a visual representation of his path. On the outside his life is filled with more hospital time, needles and chemotherapy than any young child should have to endure, but in his mind he is on a carefree adventure towards the pinnacle of happiness and freedom. This was our intention in creating the PSA from location to Movement, camera angles to costuming. We are happy to take audiences on this journey and allow them for a moment to experience the beauty of Dane's mind.


The result of our Cure PSA was ultimately altering audiences perception of childhood Cancer patients. We tend to think that these children are weak, sad and lifeless children, but the truth is quite contrary and Dane's path is a perfect example. These children who are diagnosed with Cancer early on are some of the most determined, resilient and joyful individuals on the planet. The beautiful part of this PSA is that it lives on the internet and will forever impact others perception on the Cancer diagnoses.


Video for The Cure, Empowering the Battle Against Cancer

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MusEffect, 501c3


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